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The Best Friends of Rom Com Heroines, In Order

married? hmph.

25. Lucy Wyman (Judy Greer), 13 Going on 30

24. Mandella (Susan May Pratt), 10 Things I Hate About You

23. Holly (Christine Taylor), The Wedding Singer

22. Debbie (Leslie Mann), Knocked Up*

21. Patti (Sandra Oh), Under the Tuscan Sun

20. Shira (Minday Kaling) and Patrice (Greta Gerwig), No Strings Attached

19. Kit (Zoe Deschanel), Failure to Launch

18. Caroline (Ari Graynor), Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

17. Michelle (Kathryn Hahn), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

16. Laurel Boyd (Bonnie Hunt), Jerry Maguire*

15. Iona (Annie Potts), Pretty in Pink

14. Penny (Judy Greer), The Wedding Planner

13. Peggy Fleming (Joan Cusack), Runaway Bride

12. Courtney (Christina Applegate), The Sweetest Thing

11. Casey (Judy Greer), 27 Dresses

10. Zoe (Frances McDormand), Something's Gotta Give*

9. Cyn (Joan Cusack), Working Girl

8. Jude (Shirley Henderson), Shazza (Sally Phillips) and Tom (James Callis), Bridget Jones' Diary

7. Corey Flood (Lili Taylor) and D.C. (Amy Brooks), Say Anything***

6. Kate (Bonnie Hunt), Only You**

5. Dionne (Stacy Dash), Clueless

4. Kit (Laura San Giacomo), Pretty Woman

3. George (Rupert Everett), My Best Friend's Wedding

2. Becky (Rosie O'Donnell), Sleepless in Seattle

1. Marie (Carrie Fisher), When Harry Met Sally

*Best friend is actually sister.

**Best friend is actually sister-in-law.

***Heroine is actually a guy.

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There are my favorite movies. Recommend everyone to see.


25. Lucy Wyman (Judy Greer), 13 Going on 30 , amazing one@y

Lisa Mohar@twitter

Christina Applegate is suuuuch a good bff in the Sweetest Thing! I mean when we first see her she's all about dancing in the street. She makes her friend go on a roadtrip to stop a wedding of a dude said friend met at a club and she also knows what to do when a friend gets a dick caught in her mouth. She and Cam don't just try on crazy outfits, they buy them and wear them to crash a wedding. If I were making the list, she'd be a strong at #3.

Stephanie Hope Georgopulos@facebook

@Lisa Mohar@twitter She's No. 1 -- if not on this list, then in my heart


Marie! I love Marie so much. Someone else is definitely married to my husband.

Oh and it's not a get the guy type romantic comedy, but where's Mary Lynn Rajskub in Julie and Julia? I would want her if I can't have Marie.

And agreed on Christina Applegate in Sweetest Thing. She should be way higher. Sweetest thing was really good about female friendship.

Also missing: Toni Collette in Enough Said, Nicolas Hoult in About a Boy and and the deaf brother in Four Weddings and Funeral (if we can count Hugh Grant as a rom com heroine)


@MeghanElizabeth OF COURSE we can count Hugh Grant as a rom com heroine :: Notting Hill?


Kate from Only You! Yay!!


@deathcabforcutes I KNOW I was so happy to see Only You get some love! I have a serious soft spot for that movie. Peak RDJ! Billy Zane in a wig! BONNIE HUNT ALWAYS.


@chrysopoeia Bonnie Hunt in "Return to Me," so great.


Kat (Annabeth Gish) and Jojo (Lili Taylor) - Mystic Pizza****

**** Best friends are actually sister who mostly annoys the heroine and is always around, and an actual best friend


Only way this post could be better: If you'd called it "The Judy Greer Award for Best Friend in a Rom Com".
(Top 5 is fucking flawless though)

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

The spelling mistakes in this made me sad, but can we keep this going as like a continuous power ranking?

Kirsty Lee

Yes, yes, one thousand times yes, Marie is certainly #1.

But, re: #8, it's Shazzer.


I loved Rosie O'Donnell in Sleepless in Seattle...

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