Friday, August 15, 2014


Please Welcome Haley Mlotek

Some news—but first, some background! Let's reel it all the way back. Hey. Where are we?

The Hairpin is an independent website that is run by women, that delivers writing and other kinds of work to the world by women (and some men), and is read by women (and some men). The Hairpin is part of a family of Internet publications. Each is dedicated to publishing pieces that its editors think are important or enjoyable (or sometimes both!). Because this publishing group has no investors or outside stakeholders whatsoever, we are free from any other agenda or obligations. In the same way, the editor of The Hairpin makes her own decisions about what her site should be, based on what she feels is best for the world, without directives from anyone at the parent organization.

Here is something more important to know about The Hairpin. On Labor Day, Haley Mlotek will become its third editor, following in the illustrious footsteps of Emma Carmichael and founding editor Edith Zimmerman (as well as all the other truly wonderful people who've worked here over the years).

Choire: Haley! Where are you RIGHT NOW?

Haley: I am in my home in Canada! And it's just as cold as Americans think it is!

Choire: Gross. Is that in Toronto?

Haley: It is, yes. Luckily Drake will be by soon with the government-funded space heaters he personally delivers to every Toronto resident.

Choire: Do you have a cat or a lizard near you?

Haley: I am totally alone, I don't even have a cat! I do have a large cup of coffee, equally large cup of water, my notebook, and my calculator keeping me company/warm.

Choire: You have a calculator? Is it 1987 in Toronto?

Haley: It is.

Choire: Cool, that explains Dan Bejar then.

Haley: Who is that.

Choire: Oh God, YOU'RE FIRED. Oh wait, he's from VANCOUVER. I'm fired. You can have my chair.

Haley: FINALLY. Oh, I know who that is! Thanks, Wikipedia.

Choire: Okay, so. By way of introducing yourself... tell us one thing that'll never be on The Hairpin after you take it over.



Haley: Okay.

1. Articles about whether or not a thing, person, place, pop cultural artifact is or isn't feminist.

2. Anything to do with white men (sorry, Choire).

3. Lists of statistics explaining recent cultural events.

4. Um, what else? Things I hate, or annoy me, because that's what Twitter is for, right? I don't need to clog The Hairpin with my petty grievances.

Choire: Ooh, yeah, that's interesting, particularly because I think The Hairpin is historically about petty ENTHUSIASMS instead. I love petty enthusiasms. I love hearing about people's obsessions.

Haley: It really is! And that's a big part of what I've always loved about it. I just think there's enough of "this sucks, and here's why!"

Choire: Yes. That's my job.

Haley: For me there's never enough of "I LOVE THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING LET ME TELL YOU WHY."

Choire: Do you have a hobby? A "hobby" according to Wikipedia is "a regular activity that is done for pleasure, typically during one's leisure time."

Haley: Is this like an American thing?

Choire: It might be actually!

Haley: Ummmmm, I mean, I'm sure I do, but the last few years I've basically wrapped my entire life into my work, so even when I'm participating in a "hobby" it very quickly becomes work, to be honest. Like I always make time to read and watch movies, but that normally leads me to being like "oh I should write about this" or whatever. So. I don't know! Does drinking and watching "Bachelor in Paradise" count as a hobby?

Choire: Of course it does. We should tell people that you've worked before. As a writer, you've written for us here and at The Awl, and The New Inquiry and n+1, and a lot of Canadian things that I don't respect. (KIDDING….???)

Haley: Oh this is a great taste of the anti-Canadian hostility I'm going to experience at Awl Inc.

Choire: Yes.

Haley: I've also written for Adult, Hazlitt, The National Post, The Globe & Mail, FASHION, Flare... lots of really wonderful publications. I also, a long time ago (like two years ago lol), worked with Edith on some Hairpin-promotions jobs.

Choire: And you've been the publisher of WORN for ages, which is a highly corporate fashion conglomerate enthusiast journal. Sponsored by Target.

Haley: That is almost TOOO accurate a description of what we are. But in another more real sense, it is a filthy lie. WORN is an independent print publication based in Toronto. I always tell people we're a totally different kind of fashion magazine—instead of telling people what to wear or buy, we talk about the histories, personal stories, cultures, and subcultures of fashion. We recently published a book that compiles the first 14 issues! It's great!! It's called The WORN Archive. It's the best book in the world. Anyway yeah I'm the publisher and my job is telling people how great WORN is, so you see what I just did there.

Choire: And now you run The Hairpin. Hooray. Lightning round. CURRENTLY LISTENING TO… ?

Haley: SILENCE. The last thing I listened to was Body Party by Ciara, if that makes it any better.

Choire: Wow not really but bless your heart. LAST NIGHT FOR DINNER YOU HAD…?

Haley: ....a kale salad and fries. Oh God, these questions are really humiliating

Choire: Listen it's your life, you can be humiliated if you want. TWITTER: BLOCK OR MUTE?

Haley: BLOCK. I don't fuck around.


Haley: New York, but that's really the only one I've ever been to. So it's a bad sample. You have to educate me on America.

Choire: Eh, it's a racist hellhole, that's all you need to know basically. But we have great produce. CURRENT BOOK?

Haley: Am I A Redundant Human Being? by Mela Hartwig.

Choire: What's your inbox strat? Do you like to communicate with a lot of people? Do you still love emailing?

Haley: I'm going to ignore that you just called it an "inbox strat." I do like email, and I've never personally been one of those people who hate their inbox or feel like they work for their email or whatever. I do think it's a good idea to reply to every email that takes less than a minute to write as soon as possible, I think I stole that idea from Getting Things Done or something similarly embarrassing. But also I just check it in the morning and in the afternoon and at night and reply to everything I can when I can! I don't know!!! It's fine!!!! I like reading and writing emails!!!

Choire: Good, then I will tell everyone out there to email you all the time. I know you're super interested also in emerging writers and working with new voices, which is the one TRULY LOVELY AND PURE thing about the Internet, that we can work with mid-career writers but also work with writers when they are starting out.

Haley: Yes!!! Ugh I feel like I have to get a little cheesy so bear with me. But I would not be anywhere without people like Edith, when I first wrote for The Hairpin, and publications like WORN who always prioritized answering emails, working with young writers, being a place where people can get their start and work with smart beautiful editors and learn and grow and all that shit, and I really, really want to be able to do that now with The Hairpin.

Choire: It's fine to be cheesy sometimes.

Haley: So I'm speaking especially to people who are like "Oh, I want to write something, but I don't know if I should..." Like, yes! You should!!!

Choire: FINAL TWO QUESTIONS. What is your worst vice, just don't tell me if it's heroin.

Haley: Nail polish, probably. It's poison.

Choire: I'm jealous. AND IN CONCLUSION. What are you doing this weekend?

Haley: Oooh I'm going to a COTTAGE! Like a REAL CANADIAN!

Choire: Where how what!

Haley: Yes my friend has a really nice cottage and was kind enough to invite me and a bunch of friends this weekend!! So I will be away from the Internet all weekend!

Choire: What kind of hostess gift are you going to bring?

Haley: Oh shit, I didn't even think of that. Beer, probably.

Choire: Welcome aboard, you have passed the test.

You can reach Haley at Haley @ The Hairpin Dot Com.

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Thank god the pie charts are *circles* of statistics.

Jia Tolentino


That's right, I'm Mr. Manager.

@Jia Tolentino Oh thank goodness, I scrolled down here to comment "PLEASE TELL ME JIA ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE." Sorry, I'm creepy and a huge fan.

Welcome, Haley!

Jia Tolentino

@Lolren I AM, I am. This is literally my last day, L O L. But could this place be in better hands now? NO


@Lolren I'm also creepy and a huge fan who was worried about this. No one can fill my need for simultaneous fierce political feminist/anti-racist outrage, allusions to marijuana, and the most bangin' music suggestions of all time quite like Jia!

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@Jia Tolentino Question, though: If Haley starts in two weeks and you're leaving now, who will be here for us in the next two weeks? Will it be like an intermission, and there'll be like a preselected playlist going, and we all get drinks?


@Jia Tolentino Where are you going? (Just so I can continue to follow you?)

Jia Tolentino

@SeaMoney The magical Michelle and another special guest will be running things as Haley slides in over the next couple of weeks. It'll be seamless, I'm betting. Although in retrospect I probably should have broken the site and just put on a 10 hour loop of save as .dmx until we forget about time space and change altogether

Jia Tolentino

@SeaMoney i will be goodbye-ing later!! time to go write that


@Jia Tolentino Jia, I was going to wait 'til the thread, but I want to say that I really enjoyed everything you did here. Your writing has, at times, really articulated what I feel, and others just given me a whole new thing to think about. That is rare and great and I'll miss you. Please tell us where can we follow you now!


@Jia Tolentino I'm super bummed you're leaving, Jia, but I'm also looking forward to seeing what you're doing next!

(I hope it's a new website I can look at instead of working on my dissertation. There are never enough of those.)


@Jia Tolentino aaa oh no... i'm going to miss your music posts especially. you introduced me to some really cool stuff. (๑◕︵◕๑)

That's right, I'm Mr. Manager.

@Jia Tolentino Noooo ny heart and music hunger are both roaring in anguish, but I also wish you the best of all the best and thank you for all of the amazing things you've done here. <3


@Jia Tolentino Noooo, Jia! You've been amazing! :( And, I am sure, will continue to be amazing somewhere else. You'll be missed!


She sounds great! Welcome, Haley! Super excited for the next chapter of The Pin!

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

so now is it "HALEEEEEEEEY"?

Welcome, Haley! I promise to try and never spell your name the other way.


Haley sounds awesome. To many more great years of the Hairpin, may we never outgrow you!


I feel it is a travesty that there are so few comments. So welcome to The Hairpin! Other Canadians have done just fine helping to helm the ship. I'm sure you will be wonderful.

"I think The Hairpin is historically about petty ENTHUSIASMS instead." I love petty enthusiasms. I love hearing about people's obsessions." Yes! I recently googled "Natural Deodorant" and was reminded that Edith already did all the work for me. That I already knew what I was looking for. That's the kind of thing I have loved about this place.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Haley: I am in my home in Canada! And it's just as cold as Americans think it is!
(Me: The rest of the summer was okay! Just this week, really, has been cold.)
Choire: Gross. Is that in Toronto?
(Me: OMG CHOIRE. NO. Not all Canadians live in Toronto. That is an overgeneralization, and one that I wish would-)
Haley: It is, yes
(Me: Oh. Okay, carry on.)


@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Since Drake is moving to Cleveland now, do you think he'll perform the same services for the US government . . .? I just need to know if I should move to Cleveland and start answering the door.


Canadian Takeover!!!

Rachel Vorona@facebook

Welcome Haley!! So excited that you're here!

And happy, happy trails, dear Jia. xo

Jolie Kerr

Raising my bleachitini to a revival of petty enthusiasms on The Hairpin!


Welcome, Haley!

Michelle Markowitz

Yay! Welcome Haley!!! And I cannot even deal with Jia's last day. (Putting on music she taught us about now)

Another Clone, Callie

Longtime Hairpin lurker and enthusiastic WORN subscriber coming out of the woodwork to say WELCOME HALEY and I'm so happy two of my favorite things are colliding! I look forward to the Hairpin being overtaken by posts about vintage brassieres.


Haley sounds great! I'm looking forward to this!



Nicole Cliffe

We will join these [American's] heroes
We will follow where they go
We will learn their little secrets,
We will know the things they know.

(mazel tov, haley!!!!)

Nicole Cliffe

Fuck you, Jia. Why you gotta be so rude? (miss u already)


@Nicole Cliffe I never liked the trip hop revival anyway, harumph


Welcome, welcome Haley! :D


Oh. Gosh. Sinking feeling. Why do you have to leave, Jia? I mean, it's always so hard when you know it's coming and you're just waiting for it (like when Jane and then Edith moved on). But I don't want our time to ennnnd yet/ever? This is going to be the hardest goodbye. GUH.


Welcome, Haley! I too, love petty enthusiasms! Maybe that's my petty enthusiasm? Excited to have you aboard.


Hmm on one hand I despise Canada. On the other hand, this new editor seems really great.

Also, I refuse to believe all cottages aren't basically the first little pigs house that the wolf blew down. (although that makes them seem really charming to me, conflicting AGAIN with my anti-candian bias)


Petty enthusiasms!!!! Yes, please! That is what brought me to the Hairpin lo those many moons ago. And I hope Haley's work at WORN means there might be a little more fashion content around these parts. Excited to see what the future holds for the Hairpin!


I haven't skulked around these parts in many a day, but I think I shall return again, like the swallows to Capistrano. Welcome, Haley!

Jolie Kerr

@frigwiggin There is almost no reference I love more than one to the swallows at Capistrano.


@frigwiggin I am happy to see you again!



distraught lower case sadness towards jia leaving


I'm withholding judgment until I see a Haley Mlotek-brand Dickhole Mind Control post. There's probably already one on Adult but I don't want to expend the effort to look



Dibs on "Dickhole Mind Control" as my new band's name.


Welcome, Haley! I feel like the Canadian invasion is happening and I'm okay with that. Better healthcare, niceness and Mounties for everyone!

I will miss you Jia. I will stalk you like a creepy person on the internet, always.


I love the idea of focusing on petty enthusiasms, looking forward to seeing how the Hairpin develops over the next few months. Welcome!


Woohoo! Awesome news!

lasso tabasco

Ahhh seeing everyone commenting here is making me nostalgic.. Welcome aboard Haley!!!

Ralph Haygood

"Eh, it's a racist hellhole, that's all you need to know basically.": This is true. For those of us stuck here, it is made more bearable by The Awl, The Hairpin, and a few other fine publications. I look forward to continued succor during the forthcoming reign of Haley Mlotek. Now with more Canadianness!

Wendy Streeter@facebook

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HI Hayley! congratulations and welcome aboard.


Haley! Welcome. (I was in your fair city when this posted!) Any chance your reign might include a fix for this deeply busted commenting system??

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