Monday, August 18, 2014


Lee Moses, "Bad Girl"

You know that thing where suddenly there is, as far as you are concerned, only one song in the whole world? One song that just hits all the hollow parts of your bones and the hollower parts of your heart? You'll be listening to another song but thinking, "Man, I wish The Only Song in the World was playing right now." Then, as soon as you have the opportunity, you put in your earphones or go home to your stereo and listen to that song over and over and over until you've solved music. You know that thing? No? Well, listen to this.

One Weird Tip: If you have a Sam Cooke or "Midnight Train to Georgia" Pandora station that you love but are tiring of, a Lee Moses station is an excellent change of pace.

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The song i have heard is really exceptional. Actually i liked the sentences has been described, Anyway really enjoyed the meaning of sentences.
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Diane Stech

I am Diane Stech and I really love this song.The line of this song was really hit on my soul.

Diane Stech

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