Friday, July 25, 2014


Weekend Roundup

me rnWe made it. We found love in a butt rock place and hate at the top of the charts; we fell in love in sickness and health but mostly in sickness, we played Knausgaard bingo, we took stock of our handbags, and we baked a Roman nut tart that called for... fish sauce. We had a personal revelation (although not the one I would have chosen) and celebrated Prince George turning one. We dated women in Paris and re-watched It Happened One Night and read Blake Lively's website for approximately five minutes. We were lonely, we refused to wiggle, we turned 40.

And now it's weekend time! Have a good one.

Photo via LC Nottaasen/Flickr

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Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Getting in here before all those spam jerks!

So many great pieces on the Hairpin this week! I had no idea I liked Prince George so much. (What with him being a baby and all)

Five Things I Liked This Week (during the Just for Laughs festival, which is usually my favourite week of the year):
1. Ladies - if you haven't heard of her, look up stand-up comic/one woman show performer Luisa Omielan. She is fantastic. If you have a chance to see her live, definitely see her. I mean, her show is called "What Would Beyonce Do?" so you're probably sold on it already.
2. I bought a pulled pork sandwich and it was served to me by a good-looking, bearded Australian guy. I might ask him to marry me, for obvious reasons.
3. I saw the ladies of Broad City! Ilana didn't say "sa-hahndwich", which is too bad, but oh well.
4. This year, my general Facebook status of "does anyone want to come to a show with me?" actually got a response!
5. I got a decent amount of writing done this week. It felt good.

What good things happened to you all this week?


@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)
Hey, I always read your lists even if I don't reply.
Good things: my cousin came to town and we just had lunch and she met my boyfriend. I went out with friends twice this week and bindge- watched Call the Midwife.

Jia, Emma, the past few weeks have been really good Hairpin weeks. I just wanted to say that too :)

Jia Tolentino

@Mariajoseh thank you :)


This Labrador is so cute.


Knausgaard bingo is a great game to play, I hope you enjoyed it. That dog is just lovely as well, gotta love Labradors! :)

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