Thursday, July 3, 2014


Weekend Roundup

the bewildermentWe're taking off early for the holiday, and whether poolside, beachside, couchside or face down on your bed, we've got your weekend reading covered: some revised children's books (The Tree That Said 'Fuck It' and Left The Boy to Follow Her Own Dreams); advice about how to live in a place you hate (get off your knees, says Baba Yaga), how to be fancy as hell for a reasonable amount of money (must learn about this thing called "consignment shopping"), and also, heartbreakingly, how to make it through a miscarriage (Gatorade, remembering that people love you, one breath at a time). We've got headlines from the beautiful futureghost stories from Chicano culturecopper-wire IUD earrings and an Alito voodoo doll and a story of love and second marriage; we'll you back here on Monday, and thanks, as always, for hanging out.

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Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Okay, let's liven this up with some actual human commenters, the way things should be!

I was away last week (and what a week to miss, with so much content, losing Frosty, and finding out that Emma will be moving on) so how about 5 Things I Liked in the last two weeks?

1. I went to Seattle last week and the people and the food were so great! How did it take me so long to find out that the Pacific Northwest is awesome?

2. Met up with a friend who lives there, and we had only ever interacted on social media before. She pulled out all the stops: took me shopping, bought me lunch, drove me to the airport. So grateful for her.

3. The super-nice airline employee who basically fixed everything for me when I missed my flight on another airline (by literally two minutes).

4. Wild honey flavoured cough drops

5. Happy hour! I think this might have been the first time I ever went to a "real" happy hour, since I usually finish work around the time they're supposed to end. (In theory. Anything in Montreal that involves alcohol usually lasts until closing time, anyway.)


@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Yay Seattle! I am headed that way next week. And also yay for human commenters! Spambots piss me off.

My week was mixed. On the plus side, I finished a big job. On the minus side, I sent it back to the client a day early and received zero, zip, bupkus in response. So now I am wondering if I will even get paid. On the plus side again (and related to your cough drops), one of our two beehives swarmed and I saw the swarm and my dad and I caught it and put it in a new hive. On the minus side, on Thursday the other hive swarmed and went 35 feet up into a tree and I spent all day trying to lure it down (called a tree-climbing friend who used a giant slingshot to shoot a rope over the tree so we could haul up a comb with brood in it that they would supposedly swarm to) to no avail. So those bees are a lost cause. But on the plus side yet again, today is beautiful and when I finish my work I will go canoeing on the river with beer and a friend. So all in all, I think the pluses win.

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