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Send Your Message of Hope #VoicesHavePower


‘Voices Have Power’ is a campaign designed to elevate awareness of (and destroy the stigmas around) domestic violence. Its goal is to encourage a frank discussion about the deep cultural and societal factors that silence victims and perpetuate instances of abuse.

Women (AND men) are sharing their messages of hope via the hashtag #VoicesHavePower. And here’s the kicker: For every message of hope Verizon is donating $3 to organizations committed to ending domestic abuse. Check out some of the inspirational messages below and post your own message of hope now.

Dating and domestic violence in the U.S. is an issue that’s largely undiscussed and heavily stigmatized. As a result, victims often feel ashamed or are fearful of speaking out, and would be advocates don’t know how to step in and help those in need. In both examples, the challenges of dating and domestic violence in the US — silence and stigmas — are only further perpetuated.

You can help. 

By generating discussion we can educate, inform and inspire.

Submit your message by posting to social media using the hashtag #VoicesHavePower OR directly on the campaign website (


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