Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Rosés You Can Bring to the Ice Cream Truck

yumAnyone interested in rosé and/or ice cream (this "anyone" I assume encompasses 99.5% of the readership of this Web Site) will be deeply soothed by these rosé-and-cheapo-ice-cream pairings at Vanity Fair. No word on which wine I should drink with my Bomb Pop, so I'll just drink all of them.

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last night my husband discovered rose and beer makes a pretty good shandy

Jia Tolentino

@Jaya INTRIGUING. What kind of beer?


@Jia Tolentino Sixpoint Sweet Action! Totally enjoyable summer drink


Very soulful.@t

That's right, I'm Mr. Manager.

Uhhh, drink a bomb pop with your bomb pop. A tiny bit of grenadine under lemonade under UV blue. BOOM (pun intended).


We have many of these wines at my resto, and none of these confections. Gotta swing by the Kroger on the way home tonight to remedy that. Mmmmm strawberry shortcake bars.


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