Thursday, July 24, 2014


My Struggle Bingo

k a r l o


1. Every player needs to acquire their own copy of My Struggle: Book 1.

2. Each turn requires the players to open their book to a random page of their choosing and fill out any spaces on the bingo board accordingly.

3. The winner will receive complimentary bottles of Knausgaard's soon-to-be-launching line of haircare products, My Volume.


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Whenever I'm wasted, I think I can open a beer bottle with a lighter, but I can't so I get those little parallel gashes on my knuckles. Once, I tried to open a bottle for a cute German girl, and I just wound up breaking her lighter, nearly slicing my finger off, and running away. And then I sat in the corner, being a drunk, lovesick, teenaged dick, and musing about death.


is it wrong that i feel 1000x satisfied for being pretty sure these things were inevitably most of the book based on the title alone? i feel pretty satisfied.
extra so because when my soon to be ex boyfriend said he wanted to read this i basically argued it would be all of these things and he still went on to read and relate to it and now that we're broken up i can see i really dodged a bullet there.


Knausgaard bingo sounds an awesome game! I want to read the book My Struggle Bingo, but I am based in the UK. Where is the best place to buy this book online do you know?

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