Tuesday, July 1, 2014


"It was amazing* being able to wear yoga pants without underwear"

FREE AT LAST -vaginasA woman named Julie Sygiel just Kickstarted $159,000 for yoga pants with a built-in panty liner that will free women the world over (who can afford $128 yoga pants) from the "minefield of awkwardness [involving] panty lines, bunching, chafing, wedgies and menstrual mishaps." Sygiel cautions, perhaps unnecessarily, that "the underwear aren't meant to replace tampons or pads."

"I'm always surprised to see women in class wearing panties," adds a "yoga enthusiast" quoted in this article, who describes panty lines in yoga class as "taboo."

Well. Lil Jon begs to differ and so. do. I.  [DNAInfo]


*exactly what it sounds like

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I use my VPL to align my foot at a perfect 45-degree angle for warrior 1.


So so good!!!@m

Brendan O'Connor@facebook

There's always Naked Yoga!


wait.... has everyone else been wearing underwear underneath their yoga pants this whole time? most pairs already have that little triangle-shaped thingy at the crotch with an extra layer anyway, i assumed you weren't even supposed to, like with tights.

Stacy Worst

@enic Never even crossed my mind to wear underwear with yoga pants/shorts.

fallopian princess

Wearing yoga pants and tights without underwear sounds so uncomfortable to me.


@enic It never occurred to me not to! For real?

Wait, you don't wear underwear with tights? But, but, that seam that runs down the middle...yikes!


@enic This is a constant source of amazement for me, because I am so sure that wearing underwear with tights and yoga pants AND ANY PANTS is the way to go, and then I meet (I mean, "meet") people who feel just as sure that the opposite is true! Fascinating.

Lily Rowan

For my own part, I like to wear tights and yoga pants more than once between washing, and underpants only once.


Well, most yoga pants get a little transparent when they stretch, so a lot of times if ladies in front of me are not wearing underwear with their yoga pants I end up seeing their visible ghostly butt-skin and butt-crack through the pants. And I would really prefer to un-see it! That, and comfort.

So harrumph to the woman quoted in this article who thinks underwear in yoga class is "taboo" -- though not harrumph to you of course, who seem like a very reasonable and genteel person.


Wearing any athletic apparel more than once without washing (or bottoms without underwear and pantyliner) is not an option. *changes user name to sweatmutant*

Feminist Killjoy

I hardly ever wash tights, so I always wear underwear with them. Plus, sometimes I'm wearing them with a really short skirt, and they're pretty see-through. I do hot yoga, so I wash my yoga pants after every wear. I usually wear underwear but not always.


Keep your yoga pants off of my third eye!


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