Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Insufferable Parenthetical Asides, Ranked

( . )52. (the saying goes)

51. (well, not strictly)

50. (incidentally)

49. (it’s in the Pacific, somewhere)

48. (which I don’t normally do)

47. (which I’ve finally perfected)

46. (humility is underrated)

45. (consequently)

44. (practically speaking)

43. (if he’d remembered)

42. (as a matter of fact)

41. (which is no excuse)

40. (when they were still of quality)

39. (or was it ramps?)

38. (or so he claims)

37. (just like 1804)

36. (though no one seems to hear me)

35. (whoever still does that)

34. (which I’ve never heard of)

33. (or so it seems)

32. (she meant well)

31. (it’s a kind of nut)

30. (it’s not her color)

29. (she’s a winter)

28. (I’m an autumn)

27. (you can just tell)

26. (I’ve found it’s helpful)

25. (the European way) 

24. (which has potential)

23. (though I’m sensitive to lectin)

22. (if you recall)

21. (with her opportunities)

20. (it’s impossible)

19. (it’s a social barometer)

18. (strictly for the mise-en-scene)

17. (though I’d rather they had groats)

16. (she’s still on vacation)

15. (we might wish to partake of)

14. (I can assure you)

13. (where we would never go)

12. (from a certain angle)

11. (she’s a handsome woman)

10. (an approximate equivalent)

9. (like so much fine china)

8. (not New Jersey)

7. (hat tip)

6. (if only you’d be civil)

5. (...)

4. (it’s wine o’clock)

3. (poor thing)

2. (I might add)

1. (I might point out)


Grace Gardner writes from New York and makes movies with Little Feather Pictures. You can follow her on Twitter @faceokay.

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(Not that there's anything wrong with that).


Agree, it is hard to endure.


I thought this was a safe space for parentheticals?


really glad (!) and (!!!) aren't on the list

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