Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Headlines You'll Be Seeing Now That The Nation Is Run By A Witch Cabal

that's more like it"Every American Killed by Lightning So Far in 2014 Has Been Male" -The Atlantic's CityLab, June 26, 2014


April 5, 2018
Mysterious Vocal Cord Stenosis Continues to Afflict Male Pundits

January 12, 2020
Bug That Deletes Online Articles and Comments by Male Writers "Probably a Virus," Say Experts

August 26, 2022
Fedoras Recalled Due to Spontaneous Combustion

March 21, 2027
Ask a Doctor: How Come Every Time I Start to Comment on a Woman's Appearance She Turns Into Fat Tony from The Simpsons?

October 14, 2035
All Men Have Fleas

May 11, 2038
Best Manly-Smelling Lotions To Treat Your Sudden Allergy to Handling Money

September 26, 2043
Sinkhole Crisis Still Raging: Victims Described as "Catcalling Men"

March 31, 2049
Are You Shrinking, Like All Other Guys? Here Are Our Top Six Macho High Heels!

December 17, 2051
Male Pregnancies Up 50 Percent

July 2, 2054
Every American Killed By Lightning So Far in 2054 Has Been Male, Also Every American Male Has Been Killed By Lightning



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When shall we witches meet again?


@Jaya Well I can do next Tuesday

Alexandria T. Hoang@facebook

@BattyRabbit @Jaya Can't do Tuesdays. I have yoga. Happy Hour on Thursday?


Incredible, as alwyas@l


Not sure I can wait until 2018...

Sella Turcica

I'm thinking the Cabal should offer a dispensation for authentic old dude fedoras, worn by actual old dudes. PopPop needs his hat.
Everything else can stay.


I for one welcome our new witch overlords.

Sarah Botsch-McGuinn@facebook


Can't wait for the Witch Cabal to really take hold circa 2018.

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