Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Buzz Aldrin on the moon landing: "We didn't get to celebrate. Because we were out of town."

when i shoot the moon high jump the broomIn advance of the 45th anniversary of the moon landing on July 20th, Buzz Aldrin did a Reddit AMA and blessed us with the knowledge that he "prefers the soft singing voice of Karen Carpenter" and is interested in composing a song called "Get Your Ass to Mars!"; that moondust on space boots has the texture of "moist talcum powder"; and that Buzz is a shortened version of "Buzzard," which his sister called him instead of "brother." "I'm seriously thinking of adding a middle name," he adds, "so it would become Buzz "Lightyear" Aldrin." When asked what he thought about when he first looked back at Earth from space:

Where are the billions and billions and billions of people, on what I'm looking at? We're the only 3 that are not back there. And we didn't get to celebrate. Because we were out of town.

The way he describes the moon is beautiful, too: "I realized what I was looking at, towards the horizon and in every direction, had not changed in hundreds, thousands of years. Beyond me I could see the moon curving away – no atmosphere, black sky. Cold. Colder than anyone could experience on Earth." [Reddit]

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Standing on the moon looking at the Earth, it should be very beautiful.


@eizverson22 Are you a spambot, or just someone overly fond of stating the obvious?


@ru_ri I'm pretty sure eizverson22 is the new apolsasam - eerily on-point spambot that is very close to achieving sentience.

Emma Carmichael

Omg you're right. I hate them but I respect them.


@stonefruit Yep, that's my suspicion as well. Since there seems to be no hope of having their comments deleted, I think I'm going to start replying to spambots with quotes from the great, out-of-print "How-to-do-it Book of Beekeeping" by Richard Taylor.


looks so beautiful.@l


It took me until JUST NOW to figure out that his mom was not asked "So, what name shall we put on the birth certificate?" and responded "I think I shall name him Buzz."


He's amazing at answering those questions! Will have to set aside some time to read it all properly.

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