Monday, July 21, 2014


A Woman Tapes Her Street Harassers

Via BuzzFeed: a Minneapolis woman named Lindsay is talking to and taking video of her aggressive catcallers, as well as handing out these Cards Against Harassment (a gesture which many of the men find, naturally, to be quite aggressive). You will recognize so many awful interactions in this guy above, as well as this "I honestly don't know why you'd be offended" business bro, and this "bitch means that you're sexy" fellow, and oh no, all the other ones.

Lindsay's work is the Lord's work, requiring much more patience and blood-pressure regulation than my normal blank face/middle finger combo; in light of the fact that men tend to refrain from this behavior when other men are present, there cannot possibly be enough visibility on shitty harassment that half of the population barely blinks at and half of the population barely sees. [BF]

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"You're bald, what do you care about hair??"
"Do you think Jesus was hollering at women?"

She is quick! Also, blood pressure. I couldn't hang in like she does.

Eyre Apparent

@redridinghoodrat I know! I just, I couldn't even watch the whole video because I was getting irate and flustered. I actually had an experience last week where some fellow decided it was important to bellow at me that I was pretty and I told him to f*ck off. Thus ensued a fifteen minute conversation about objectifying women and why it's bad. It upset me for days.


@redridinghoodrat Yeah, I live in Minneapolis and when I first starting reading it I was like "hey, I could take part in this!" except watching her videos I realized that my response in almost every scenario would either be "fuck you!" or crying. So...I might not have the correct temperament. She is so respectfully persistent and firm.

Jia Tolentino

@redridinghoodrat same yo


@Jia Tolentino The best I've done is a couple years ago when I was walking down Western Ave by my apt in LA and a group of young fools tried hollering at me. When they didn't stop I said "I don't respond to hollers," and crossed the street. One jaywalked across and shook my hand, introduced himself, and asked my name. Ha! I told him I appreciated it, and to tell his friends that if they talked to women like they're human beings instead of animals, we might actually respond.

I did less well when walking down the same street in the dark, with my headphones on (I know!) and I saw a man say something to me, and I responded by tugging out one earbud and saying "Huh?" which was not good enough nor fast enough for him, so he called me an ugly bitch that would never have a man, aaaaaaaaahahaaha. Also it was Valentine's Day. I had no response other than to go home and make myself a root beer float. PS, humanity: don't get mad at someone for not hearing you when they are wearing headphones--if they ignore you, they aren't bitches, they are simply people with a normal hearing range! Also don't talk to women who are alone in the dark. UGH.


Wow! This is great. Ugh if only i had the courage to speak to some of the poeple. The other day my cousin got her arse groped by a 15 year old even when she told him not to! I should have said something but we were so used to it, it didn't bother us. But it's so so so wrong and makes me so mad that these people think it's ok. What you're doing is great, hopefully soon these videos will get more recognition!(:@t


Aaaargh. That's what women were put on the earth for!!


I appreciate her last FAQ on the Cards site about discussing the harassment we face with other people, particularly men. A few weeks ago I was at a party where the hostesses had a catcall story and all of the women joined in with recent tales. The men were shocked at how many stories we had from just the last month or so, and how gross some of them were. These were feminist dudes but they really had no idea what we face on a daily basis. It definitely taught me to tell those stories more...I hadn't really seen a point, before, but I do now. They were having epiphanies as we talked about it.

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