Friday, June 13, 2014


Weekend Roundup

me last weekendRIP Phyllis Patterson, who started the contemporary Renaissance Faire tradition in Southern California in the '60s (more about that here) and died last month from complications related to dementia. Let's do some historically accurate hippie shit this weekend in her honor? And if you need some reading to catch up on, here's Dayna Evans on belonging, Susan Schorn on Hobby Lobby and reproductive rights; here's a men's fashion guide to music festivals ("crown of thorns," "paint your penis"), a GOOP newsletter for normals, a syphilis tutorial, and a look back at old loves; here's Baba Yaga on bad friends and a Queer Chick on becoming Lesbian Othello and a Fancy Person on thank-you notes and upscale luggage. Thanks for hanging out, and for any further information please dial 669-221-6251.

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Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

So many great pieces this week! I haven't read to the end of Dayna's piece yet. It hit a little close to home, which I especially wasn't ready for since she usually has me laughing uncontrollably. I'll probably go back to it over the weekend.
Also, I don't really watch Game of Thrones, but the costume design is really cool - so that GOT piece is also on my weekend reading list, for sure.


its freakin genius@v


This style of dress used to be in fashion.

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