Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The Most Important Video of Our Time

Remember the time our our great-grandmothers were suffragettes and our moms fought for the Equal Rights Amendment and we all read think pieces on Lean In last year? Well it was all worth it because Yanis Marshall choreographed and made a video of three men dancing to Beyonce while wearing super high stilettos.

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Not All Men because these ones will be spared


I hate that people are hating on such a wonderful video as this, that involves these three amazingly talented men. It's a feminine dance, yes, that I won't deny, but it's about gender equality.(the dance isn't, I'm talking about something else for all you idiots out there.) No one complains if a woman is working on cars, or playing football, people love it and find it inspirational.@v


I'd seen gifs from this but not the whole thing! I'm...a little overwhelmed. I'm making the same faces as the people in the background.

ijoy Etopa

I wish I could hold my stilettos as well as these three fellows, IJoy etop a

wao what a moves!

Eyre Apparent

Mother of Mercy, I think I'm in love. And also clumsy, as I would have surely broken an ankle trying even move one in this dance.


These guys are amazing. Check out their spice girls video on Youtube.

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