Thursday, June 5, 2014


The Harsh Mellow Pie

7. Just threw out burger wrapper to


Previously: The Sedentary Pie

Ann Friedman is just high enough.

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Edie W

Oh crap, I'm wearing green corduroy jeans right now. You mean some other, clearly hideous type of green corduroy jeans, right?


finally! :D@m


LOL at "th;dr"


@Brunhilde Amazing

or Elsa!

To be fair, that Cheez-Its thing is just a natural consequence of me buying Cheez-Its.

Nemo Pasdemonde

Man, articles like this make me want to leave DC, where the men are strong and uptight, the women are well-dressed and uptight, and everybody is too busy chasing their career to get high.


Thanks for the news :_)
This is Lance from MMOXX. Have a nice day!

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