Thursday, May 1, 2014


Royksopp & Robyn, "Do It Again"

These Röyksopp/Robyn tracks got pulled from the internet after I put up "Every Little Thing" last week (that one is elusive, but surviving right here if you missed it) and now that the "Do It Again" lyric video is here to stay I wanted to make sure that we're all ready to vastly improve our lives by playing this shit on repeat all weekend. "Do It Again" is the more mainstream-friendly, Body Talk-ish track of the two that have been teased off the upcoming collab album—that perfect stairstep topline and the delicious "mmm-mmm-mmm" that cuts the pre-chorus build in half—and its surefooted vitality puts a lot of recent pop releases to shame.

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This one is. No. I thought it was a joke the first time I heard it. But Every Little Thing, damn, yes.


@julia i totally liked Every Little Thing 10000% more on first listen but now this one has gotten its claws in me


Yes, Yes, Yes, Robyn's Back!!!@n


Sounds very Britney Spears.

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