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Reasons for Dropped Rape Case Include "Wearing Spanx"

Is there a woman alive who feels anything other than dead inside when she hears the phrase "rape case"? Is your college on that list of 55 schools under Title IX investigation for the way they mishandle sexual assault reporting? Isn't it ironic that that rapist was sentenced to community service in a rape crisis center? Can you imagine being the girl he raped, hearing that? Isn't it funny that Jameis Winston is going to have more on his record for shoplifting $32 worth of crab legs than for raping someone in 2012? Isn't it great news that that teacher in Montana who raped a 14-year-old who killed herself (whose lawyer said "the girl looked older than her years and was 'probably as much in control of the situation as was the defendant'") just got his 31-day sentence rescinded because he deserves to be actually punished, like, in jail for "at least two years"?

Can you imagine getting this letter from a government lawyer explaining why he was dropping your rape case?

“I have taken into account all the surrounding circumstances, including the exchange of text messages between you before and after the incident... I have also considered your account of the incident, particularly bearing in mind the type of underwear that you had on at the time.”

She was wearing Spanx. God damn, isn't that already injustice enough? [The Independent]


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Dr-Daisuke Serizawa@facebook

Title IX is Feminist legislation so 'mishandling sexual assault reporting' probably means they just wanted to hear both sides of the story.

As for the Spanx story, she appealed it, they looked at it again and agreed the decision to drop it was correct. Obviously not a solid case. Lynch mob mentality is not preferable to this.


@Dr-Daisuke Serizawa@facebook lol why are you commenting on this site


@Dr-Daisuke Serizawa@facebook "obviously not a solid case"? because of her underwear? go away.


@twirl2 Title IX is Feminist legislation so 'mishandling sexual assault reporting' probably means they just wanted to hear both sides of the story. lol lol lol lol


@Dr-Daisuke Serizawa@facebook How many rapists have feminists lynched?


@Dr-Daisuke Serizawa@facebook FTFA:
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 states that no person shall, “on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination” in an educational program supported by the federal government.

It's equality, motherfucker, not feminism.




Just disgusting

de Pizan

And then a judge in TX gave a rapist a 5 year deferred probation (including community service at a rape crisis center), because the 14 year old girl he raped "wasn't the victim she claimed to be" seeing as how she had sexual partners before, had a baby, and didn't cry during her rape.
The article includes this additionally horrifying bit: "But Young’s defense attorney, Scottie Allen, said the judge acted correctly. He said the case involved 'two kids messing around at school' but agreed that Young did rape the girl."


@de Pizan Unbelievable.


I don't get the crab legs thing. I'm pretty sure that what happened was they saw Winston and WANTED to leave with him and jumped into his pocket cause he's such a big star, but then after they felt super embarrassed and also thought maybe they could really gain something if they just told the cops he shoplifted them.

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