Thursday, May 1, 2014


Modern Reasons for Admission

Reasons for admission to one asylum in the late 1800s included "Jealousy and Religion" and "Kicked in the Head by a Horse." A version for today:

Imaginary Status Update

Hashtag Misuse

Emoji Translation Disorder

GIF Hallucinosis

Obsessive-Compulsive Email Refreshitis

Antisocial Netflixism


Binge Like-ing

Borderline E-Shopping Phobia

Premature Send

Parenting Blog-Induced Psychosis

Neglect of Computer

Google Fever

Secret Pinteresting

Selfie Personality Disorder

Inbox Zero Mania

Dum-Dum by Tweet

Natalie Eve Garrett is an artist and writer. She has all the crazies. 

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Holy wow, that Les Mis emoji is so good. The line of skulls!


I suffer from at least three of these...

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