Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Jenny Slate on Obvious Child

Jenny Slate was on NPR's arts and culture show, Bullseye, to talk about comedy and SNL and Marcel the Shell and her new movie, Obvious Child which is about a comedian (Slate) who gets pregnant after a one-night stand (trailer after the jump). Here's Slate talking about the movie and how it fits into the modern genre of the "abortion movie":

Gillian [Robespierre, the director] will say that she and her friends—and I'll group myself in that group—saw these movies like Juno and Knocked Up and thought, oh these movies are really funny and we like them, but we're also hoping to see a story that we haven't seen yet. And they decided to tell that story, which is a story where a woman decides to have an abortion and wants to have one and isn't hemming and hawing or biting her nails or feeling that it's a tragedy or feeling bad about herself for that specific reason. The movie is just a movie about a complex and, I think, pretty relatable human experience.

Also: the movie has Gaby Hoffmann.


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It is funny when pro child murder people use as a defense, " Well, it is legal." I will let you in on a little secret what the Nazis did was legal too. Roe Vs Wade was a classic case of legislation from the bench. It is unconstitutional.@j

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