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Friday Open Thread

We did it! We ran for Parliament with the Feminist Party, lubricated our chicken’s vagina-butt, revised “Jolene,” asked Baba Yaga, read the spring issue of BLAH, celebrated the bad girls of YA, caught up on Mad Men, wrote some Nancy Grace haikus (#PotheadPrincess meets/ #PervyGranny, #KillerNun”), rescued a baby bird, denounced summer clothing, looked back at our food diaries, gave Jill Abramson advice on how to survive as a pushy bitch, and toasted Kanye (sorry: Dante) on his wedding weekend. And of course it’s a long weekend: I hope we all get to approximate some version of this photo, if even just mentally. See you back here on Tuesday.

Photo via simpleinsomnia/Flickr


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