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Friday Open Thread

We did it; we’ve been through nipple removal, revisited our early AOL Bette Midler fandom, figured out just how TMZ does it, placed ourselves firmly in the camp of idiots, talked to Nona Willis Aronowitz about her mother, talked to our mothers about what should go on a blog, decided to put on our seatbelts, moved to Montana to build ourselves a yurt, self-eulogized via Amazon order history, asked a Queer Chick, broke up with our kind but boring boyfriends, and learned to ask ourselves questions that we can answer, such as “Am I writing this right now? Yes.” And you’re welcome, Chipotle. Do you have grand weekend plans? I am, as is tradition, going to a wedding. Shouts to Michelle for her Tuesday takeover, and we’ll see you back here next week.

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