Friday, May 16, 2014


Friday Open Thread

We did it; we've been through nipple removal, revisited our early AOL Bette Midler fandom, figured out just how TMZ does it, placed ourselves firmly in the camp of idiots, talked to Nona Willis Aronowitz about her mother, talked to our mothers about what should go on a blog, decided to put on our seatbelts, moved to Montana to build ourselves a yurt, self-eulogized via Amazon order history, asked a Queer Chick, broke up with our kind but boring boyfriends, and learned to ask ourselves questions that we can answer, such as "Am I writing this right now? Yes." And you're welcome, Chipotle. Do you have grand weekend plans? I am, as is tradition, going to a wedding. Shouts to Michelle for her Tuesday takeover, and we'll see you back here next week.

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Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Too busy to post five, so here's one thing I liked this week:

Jerk chicken! Delicious.


You know, things are generally going fine in my life, but this week was a series of little irritations! To wit: I found out my grad school reunion has been scheduled to coincide with a major Jewish holiday; a stranger on the bus harassed me for wearing headphones (?!); and today someone stole the fruit I'd been saving in the work refrigerator for a treat. I am officially annoyed with these things, but I'm also annoyed with myself for letting them bother me.

I'm glad it's the weekend, is what I'm saying.


I have had months of unilateral breast pain and listened when the doctor told me that cancer is not painful until I met someone two weeks ago who said the only symptom of her breast cancer was breast pain. D'oh!

So after ten days of trying I have finally managed to get a script for a diagnostic mammogram from a doctor with no receptionist whose voicemail is perpetually full and whose fax doesn't seem to work, but by then there were no mammo appointments until the middle of next week.

So I will be happy to spend tomorrow not repeatedly calling both the breast centre and the doctor to check the status of the script.

Also I will sleep late.


@puncturedbicycle I really really hope everything turns out okay for you and your breasts. :)

paper bag princess

There were some really great articles this week! It feels a little bit like the 'Pin I remember.


Well, I never thought much about this one. - Banners Broker

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