Friday Open Thread

How we all holding up right now? I’m home in Texas, ready for the first wedding of the summer (if the ringbearer’s not a puppy I may leave, though) and following Galactic Rabbit’s advice to stay easy. If you’re in need of a diversion this weekend we’ve got lots to catch up on: Mad Men, the glass closet of women’s sportscarrot-coconut macaroons, chronic illness thoughts from a witch, solidarity with Mormon lifestyle bloggers, Lacoste An Arm and a Leg, memories of a best-of-all-time friend lost to cancer, a letter to Shailene Woodleythe best essay about taking a cat to a pet psychic you’ll ever read, two graduates in wonderland, and an astrology drinking game. Have a Kanye-smile of a Friday, and we’ll see you back next week.

Photo via Nathan Rupert/Flickr


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