Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Despondent Rescue Goat Ends Hunger Strike When Reunited With Best Friend, Burro Named Jellybean

This goat's name is Mr. G; he was recently rescued from the home of an animal hoarder in Southern California ("dozens of dogs, and three barnyard animals") and sent to a new home at an animal sanctuary; however, home is where your best friend Jellybean is, and Mr. G lay in the side of his pen all day in a great depression until a kind man drove 14 hours to bring Mr. G's burro pal to live with him for good. His reaction, when he hears the truck pulling up, is... well... shut up, you're crying, I'm super busy at work.

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julie lauren

thank god my sobbing was louder than...creed(?)

Jia Tolentino

@julie lauren omg yea the music is like an anti-emotion but jellybean still gets you


I will always like animals more than people. @j


JELLYBEAN! Of course weeping at my desk Jia what are you even trying to do to us.

BUT I also feel awful for admitting that I can't help hoping Mr. G is neutered because male goats grow up to be really, really disgusting.


This is adorable and heartwarming, but I can't help but wonder: What was Jellybean doing while Mr. G was on hunger strike?


What animal sanctuary is this? And do they accept donations?

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