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10 Famous Quotes Recast For the Beyoncé-Solange Situation

Inspired by Butch Rosser.


Sarah and Jia are not well.

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All the jokes, memes, etc regarding this situation make me very uncomfortable. Someone was assaulted. The fact that the person doing the striking was in possession of a vagina does not make this fact any less true.

I'm pretty sure if someone had done something similar with the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation you wouldn't be publishing it like this. Gross.


@Don'tcallmeJenny I'm pretty sure if someone had done something on some website that isn't this one even though this is originalish content about Reed Richards and Johnny Storm something something something. Adjective.


@PennyCentury Wow. You really showed me with your nonsensical ramblings. If you can't appreciate how horrific it is that this is becoming a joke rather than a serious conversation and how HARMFUL that is to women than there is nothing I can say to help you.

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@Don'tcallmeJenny I'm with you. I don't necessarily want police involved, because I don't trust them, particularly where POC are concerned, and I think incarceration rates overall are too high. I feel the handling of this is up to the people involved, and it's sad that they have to do it in the public eye. I can't imagine the tensions in that family right now, and I have trouble making light of it.




I HAVE A LOT OF SOLANGE FEELINGS. I've always thought she seems way cool and fun and super relaxed. I like her taste a lot. She is incredible on "True" and super fun in concert. Yes, her Met Ball outfit looked like a complete disaster, and yes, before this elevator thing probably a lot of people had never ever heard of her. Yes, she is second-string to Beyonce, but she has had to be second-string to Beyonce her entire life. Wouldn't that piss you off sometimes, maybe just a little bit, in your most private and intimate elevator moments? I'm not saying that it is right or defensible to physically assault somebody, but isn't it maybe, like, even just a little... understandable?

I guess what I am saying is that 1) I don't know the details of what happened and I'm not going to pass judgment in any direction and I hope everybody directly involved comes out of this relatively OK, and 2) I RLY DON'T APPRECIATE that "Solange" is treated as the lesser in every single one of these quotes.


@I AM DIAPHENA You can *like* this person as an artist/performer however much you want. Doesn't change the fact that she assaulted someone and should at the very least be under investigation and looking at a possible jail sentence.


@Don'tcallmeJenny shit, who told Red Pill or MRA about the Hairpin?

Go back to Gawker.


@Don'tcallmeJenny And Jenny, I get that, but.


@Don'tcallmeJenny Yeah that's not really up to anyone at all except for the people in that elevator. This whole situation has me feeling all sorts of gross. None of us were in that elevator so we can't pass judgement on what happened in that elevator. All we have is grainy security footage and a penchant for blaming ladies for stuff.


@I AM DIAPHENA & there were bodyguards present. severely limited how much damage was possible.


Penny: I'm sorry, what? So saying that assaulting another human being--whether you have a vagina or a penis is wrong is an MRA trope? Calling out a website that has routinely railed against behavior like this when the violence is directed at women for hypocrisy is NOT anti-feminist. It's insanely important that we have a conversation about the fact that the world still views woman as incapable of causing harm to men and that we openly mock that fact. Do you not understand the fact that this is the opposite side of the coin and the "jokes" and memes about this are simply aspects of the patriarchy rearing their ugly heads?


@Don'tcallmeJenny no, yo, its pretty much that the 'Pin is the only place I could stand to read about this because its a surveillance video, from TMZ, and all of it is just exhausting and I'm waiting for the more racist undertones and this is the only way I'm gonna deal with it. Nobody's mocking that people are violent towards other people, I think this is more about the other gazes and how seriously everyone is taking this.

But it is a Tuesday, so, you know, slow day on ye webs. I'll stay out of your discussion.

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Aaliyah is not impressed. Aaliyah wouldn't take this (any) shit.


The last one--JFK--killed me.

Moar, moar!


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