Friday, April 18, 2014


The Stupid Trendy Cocktail Bar Name Generator

Remember Hairpin pal Lauren Hallden's online dating loren ipsum text generator? ("Glass half-full using my farmshare. Netflix my eyes Woody Allen stepping outside your comfort zone, if you're still reading this medical school happy hour too many to list tattoos. I'm just a regular guy I enjoy making lasagna from scratch pickles fascinates me.") Now she's gone and done it again with trendy cocktail bars: the first ones I got were "Pistol & Hoof," "Bull & Hatchet" and "Brim & Crumble." Story checks out! [Name My Bar]

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Yeahh... Indianapolis has the Ball and Biscuit, which I'm told is a nickname for a kind of microphone but I'm not totally convinced they didn't use this.

Good bar, though.


"Pheasant & Cock" was my first result.

Next to my house are both the Fainting Goat and the Handsome Cock.


I got "Wool & Wanker" and am committed to never drinking anywhere else again.

ETA: Unless it's at the "Rum & Stirrup" hahaaaa.

ETTAAAA: "Clown & Farthing" lol it's like Crown. I'm almost done.


"Hound and Needle"! Apparently Arya Stark drinks there too?


Crook & Coffin

Cleaver & Bone



Spot on.

the 90s version of this was "The (Adjective) (Animal)"

The Black Dog
The Thirsty Whale
The Rusty Parrot



I got the Wit and Casket, which is just a metaphor for my life, really.


My favorite was "Trickle & Stool" after my husband pointed out it was basically "Pee & Poop."

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