Friday, April 25, 2014


Jane Talks to the Marrieds

Our beloved Jane Marie is going to be talking to married couples every week at Cosmo, and her first chat is with Lindsey and Erin:

Can you tell me the main difference between being in a dating relationship and being married?

Lindsey: Married is better.
Erin: Dating sucks!
Lindsey: I think when you're dating, you're protecting yourself the whole time.
Erin: Or less invested in some way...
Lindsey: But if you've found someone who can actually commit to you, like, “We're gonna make this work, come hell or high water,” then I don't have to protect myself. I'm not holding back like I did when I was dating.

I can tell that this column is going to be an important part of my wedding-season self-dialogue. Also, are you caught up on Jane's latest "Oh! You Pretty Things"? There is some very scientific pube data.

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... And then after you've let yourself be totally vulnerable and throw yourself into into this singular deep commitment, when you get divorced, you turn back to your single friends to support you through the misery. And they are like, (¬_¬) but they are there for you anyway, because they love you, despite all your condescending comments about how much better being married is than being single.


@twirl2 And they don't say "I told you so" even if they are thinking it in their heads because that's what friends are for.


You're my hero.@a


Jane Marie! I have nothing clever to say, but Jane Marie! Hooray!

up cubed

The first time I read the intro, I thought she was going to be talking to marrieds at COSTCO(not Cosmo). I would LOVE to read those interviews.


@up cubed Ditto interviews at IKEA. Something about those dens of domesticity fascinates me.


Those people annoy me greatly. Because no one can make a committment without getting married. And no one gets married without fully committing.

Learn to insert the words "For me/for us" into these sentences, and I will stop thinking you are self-obsessed douches. Until then, douche on, douche canoes!


Oh good, I'm not the only one who thought these two were insufferable.


Their answer to that question was kind of annoying, but cut them some slack. They were being interviewed about their marriage, not every marriage. They sound like a sweet couple.


but being married is awesome. It's also very humbling. Erin had some lovely things to say about how she began facing her fears after she married.

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