Friday, April 25, 2014


Friday Open Thread

We made it! In case you missed anything this week, we've been:

Driving rigs to high school and making huge mistakes

• Revising classic YA literature to include more Mountain Dew and updating the Babysitter's Club for today's modern woman

• Going camping and hanging out with Westboro Baptist

• Taking note of James Franco's nipples and the toned arms of the tabloid darling

• Getting into group sex and vinaigrette, but not necessarily together

And maybe, or maybe more than maybe, eating burgers. Hope you've had a good week and are about to have an even better weekend.

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Considering going to the NYC pinup tonight-- anyone else? It would be the first time for me.


@rathermarvelous I did not know this was happening on account of not using the facebook. Should I be stopping by?


that was totally zen i love it@a


Any thoughts on the following hypothetical situation?

Suppose you discover a public social media account of a person in your life, and suppose this account contains, on occasion, nasty comments about you. How would you respond/react?


@stonefruit Depends on your relation to the person and how nasty the comments. Do you think this person wanted you to see these or are they just cavalier about shit talking?

up cubed

@stonefruit And did you have any idea they had those feelings before you read them online? Are they defamatory?


They're sort of garden-variety nasty and certainly not defamatory (just expressing negative opinions about behavior/actions). The author is pretty cavalier about trash-talking in general, I guess. And the comments were somewhat but not entirely surprising.


@stonefruit So if it were a close friend, I would make a point to have a private discussion with them about it. Anyone else = block + unfriend. Maybe with a "Way harsh, Tai" on the way out.

Sorry people are being jerks tho. :(


I don't know if anyone remembers, but a few weeks ago I wrote about possibly transferring grad programs. Well, update -- I got in to my dream school! I just told the head of my department yesterday that I'm leaving the program. Anyways, just a lil update. This weekend I have many good excuses for celebrating.


@flashcrash CONGRATSSSS!! That is so cool. See ya later suckers (of your old department). :)


@flashcrash very cool news


@flashcrash Congratulations!


@Danzig! @adorable-eggplant THanks!!!

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