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Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

So there's this pretty dumb PolicyMic thing up right now showing "the lovely faces of our nation's multiracial future." The headline—National Geographic Concludes What Americans Will Look Like in 2050, and It's Beautiful—is like the title of a term paper written by the Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With At a Party. "It's no secret that interracial relationships are trending upward, and in a matter of years we'll have Tindered, OKCupid-ed and otherwise sexed ourselves into one giant amalgamated mega-race," writes the author. Word? It is also no secret what else is always trending upward: "shareable" ideas that appear researched and progressive while actually eliding all of the underlying structural concerns that will always influence what race (and attendant opportunity) means in America far more than the distracting visual pleasure of a girl that looks like Rashida Jones.

It's the rhetoric that matters here, the unplumbed fetish for these faces and what they can be forced to represent. I admit that I am sensitized on the basis of my everyday life. I sometimes read as biracial (which, if these photos are any indication, many still envision as "white" + "person of color") and sometimes people sort of act disappointed to find out that I'm just plain whatever, and much more often are quite ready to express an interest in the somewhat inevitable byproduct of my long-standing habit of contributing to the "mega-race" (boning white guys). God, those kids would be good-looking! Here we go, riding the swirl into a fully equal future, in which all of our faces will glow like one giant Instagram and the filter is white, white, white!

Demographics are changing, attitudes about race are changing, yes; and I am glad for it. And maybe it's good that people keep writing pieces like this, so impossibly shallow and shortcut-minded that the subtext is clear as anything: look how nice we look, as a people, when white gets to be more interesting and minorities get to look white. Look at this freckled, green-eyed future. Look at how beautiful it is to see everything diluted that we used to hate.

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Sometimes, you're so anti-racist that you're actually really racist.


@mochi lol I loved that line too. PINK DICK

Jerry Tee@facebook

@mochi, i'm gonna get started making babies.

Woman Laughing Alone With Boas

THANK YOU for saying what many of us have avoided saying in our acquaintances' Facebook comments.


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas Sayyy it! Or just give 'em a big old link here, because this is perfect.


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas Hah, this was the first time I had seen a link to this but I clicked over to Facebook afterwards and it was LITERALLY THE FIRST THING IN MY FEED


THANK YOU SO MUCH. "And maybe it's good that people keep writing pieces like this, so impossibly shallow and shortcut-minded that the subtext is clear as anything: look how nice we look, as a people, when white gets to be more interesting and minorities get to look white. Look at this freckled, green-eyed future. Look at how beautiful it is to see everything diluted that we used to hate." So much this. Just so freaking much.

up cubed

I stupidly clicked the link, and will now provide you with ample reason not to make the same huge mistake: "tomorrow's America lives among us now in every "Blackanese," "Filatino," "Chicanese" and "Korgentinian"" I died a little inside D:


@up cubed DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD....: (those are frowny faces + tears, I cannot even with this fetishizing of mixed identities)

ETA: And it's all so so people can smuggly pat themselves on the back for being 'accepting'.


I went to a panel discussion the summer that the two UMich affirmative action cases were handed down by the Supreme Court, and one of my law school's preeminent jackass-conservative-masquerading-as-libertarian professors basically said just this; I think his words were something like, give it enough time and lust will solve the issue of affirmative action.


thank you guys for understanding that i am not, as the facebook commenters are saying, racist against white people or mixed people

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@j-i-a Hilarious how something that appears so open-minded is actually incredibly closed-minded. Because obviously, not believing that we will all look like that in as little as 40 years is closed-minded.

Personally, I look forward to being sixtyish and suddenly having beautiful hazel or green eyes. Will we all just wake up that way on January 1, 2050 or


@j-i-a Impressive how one of them worked in fat-shaming, too. There's some really non-stellar reading comprehension going on in that comment section.

Not-so-secretly/completely openly, I think that a lot of people don't want to listen to what writers of color have to say about race, or want to reject it out of hand.


@stonefruit It's the same for objections to catcalling: the response is always something like, "I'm calling you a hottie, shut up or pretend to enjoy it." And when people try to explain that even for people who do fit the face-of-the-future hazel-eyed mould this kind of stuff is insulting and degrading, there's always a backlash. Don't get it? Fine, sorry you cannot have some basic empathy.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@adorable-eggplant but it's true that all [ethnic identity] are [skill]!


@j-i-a Those Facebook commenters make my fucking blood boil! As usual, few clearly even read what you wrote.

There is no racism against white people. Racism requires prejudice AND power.

Danielle Miller@facebook

@idrathernot Actually, racism comes not from just those in power and such, but from minorities too. Racism is racism. Only thing I actually wish is that I actually had that complexion, cause well, I'm just pasty pale, and it would look more like I'm going back to my Native American roots :3


Oh my god, this is fucking incredible. Just to post it once again: "And maybe it's good that people keep writing pieces like this, so impossibly shallow and shortcut-minded that the subtext is clear as anything: look how nice we look, as a people, when white gets to be more interesting and minorities get to look white. Look at this freckled, green-eyed future. Look at how beautiful it is to see everything diluted that we used to hate." DAMN thank you for getting right down to the gristle of this revolting "progressive" rhetoric.


It's cute that anyone thinks they're not already "mixed race."

up cubed

@stuffisthings Ehh... I see where this is coming from, but race is a social construct. One that the hegemony uses to "other" certain groups. In most cases, race is short-hand for socio economic status, etc.
I guess I'm a bit sensitive to it because I'm mixed race with a white parent, and I really benefit socially from being able to manipulate people's perception of my race (white privilege). Some people don't have that as an option.
Edited to add: I'm not suggesting that "passing" as white is a good thing that people should aspire to. I think this article is saying eventually everyone will be able to pass as exotic white or average white, and everyone here has a great critique on why that perspective is stupid and racist.


@up cubed that's what I mean -- people who think just mixing up some genes will somehow end racism (or the concept of race) are deluded.


@stuffisthings I see this idea in Mexico (I'm a white mexican) all the time: we know we are mixed because yes, it is pretty obvious & a historic fact, but that makes most people believe that this country is not racist, while you wouldn't belive the shit native-looking people get.

Jim Sterrett@facebook

@up cubed that who;e "white privilege" nonsense has always bothered me. I've had nothing given to me, I've been the victim of racism, I've been denied proper legal counsel based on my race. I am in my 40's still waiting for any "privilege" to just fall in my lap as so many like to think happens.

Rock and Roll Ken Doll

I'm pretty sure we'll figure out a way to invent new races.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

...but what about immigration?
--future plaque on the Statue of Liberty


this is soooo policymic


The original pieces were much more reasonable. This is just a stupid, clicky, upworthy-esque thing.



@j-bird totally agree. i only disagree with the idea of faces as shorthand, which was pure policymic

Colin Merdian@facebook

Nat Geo is insane if they think this is what we'll look like. If they stopped to do 3 seconds of research, they would know that we are going to look waaaaaaay fatter than this.

Wanda Giggles

@Colin Merdian@facebook I just dropped my computer laughing!!! xD

Greene Fyre@facebook

"Oooh mixed race peeps is so beeutiful let's hurry up and intermarry." What's the big rush? Isn't every ethnic and "racial" group beautiful just the way we are? Seems to me this whole "the future is prettier cause there's no race" thing is kind of a slam of existing ethnic identities.

Wanda Giggles

@Greene Fyre@facebook Right on target, Greene.

Jill Lee Anne Lively@facebook

I don't know why I kept reading after the "pretty dumb" comment...people are always finding negativity in everything, even the most positive, trying to make things much deeper then it really is


Tolentino 2016!


I feel like the author is looking at it as if PoC are being "diluted" to make them more tolerable, but I think that's a very negative way to look at it and anyone who's in or been in an interracial relationship or finds themselves drawn more to people of other races, would disagree, I think. I sort of understand the point, but I feel like it's a matter of perspective. There is still going to be a vast range of color, and I hate that it always seems to go back to that, but having a child with someone who is a different "color" or "race" than you is an act of love, not a science experiment. Ideally, you're making something as symbol of your love and affection and union...not trying to dilute PoC so that old conservative white men will be able to stomach the future. Articles that show us the future and what we could be are interesting...not hateful. Also this idea was around 10 years ago. I saw a thing on discovery about this forever ago. At the end of the day, I don't think this is about racism or elitism, it's just biology and odds. It was always going to happen. Why are people on either side mad about it? Can someone enlighten me as to why the original article really was so terrible? I think there's something I'm not understanding.

Jodi Bernadette Sampson@facebook

@Demetri Well said, Demetri:) I don't see what's so bad about the original article either. I feel like people are projecting their negativity and maybe insecurity into it..

up cubed

@Demetri I think that Jia is upset about the content of the article she is reviewing; nothing against interracial relationships.




The headline is also ridiculously misleading in that the National Geographic article doesn't say anything about how "we" will look in 2050. (Well, I'll look like half anglo/half Tejana 77 year old, because that's who I am, but that's not exactly the point.) The article is about how the constructs of "black or white" don't work any more because there are a lot of people who have to check more than one box or don't fall into either category. Additionally, people who don't really fall into a category go through life with people trying to shoehorn them in somewhere. As someone who has a hard time picking which of the sub categories of Hispanic I am when the demographic questions get granular, I appreciate the issue that the article is trying to highlight, and I know that my kids will have the same problem later on down the line. The photos are to illustrate what SOME people of mixed race/ethnicity look like, not what the population as a whole will look like 35 years from now.

The only thing the National Geographic article says about the future is that Anglos will not be the majority after 2060. Since I live in Houston, and that ship has long since sailed here*, it's not that big of a deal when you're actually living in such a world. But diversity certainly doesn't break down social constructs of race and ethnicity. I imagine that the people living in less diverse areas are a little more alarmist and/or idealist about such a world.

I've seen at least one de-friending over a dumb comment about this article, and I expect that there are a few more.

*I've read several places that we're the most diverse city in the country. Apparently NYC has more ethnicities, but we're more diluted across the board. I don't really notice it until I go someplace where the population isn't as demographically varied.

MGySgt Mikey

Our youngest son is bi-racial and is proud to refer to his heritage as "black irish". Noticed at school that girls of every ethnic group are eye balling him. The young of today are only as racist as they are taught by their families. Sad really. When I married my nubian queen, many people, both white and black whispered that our marriage would not last very long. Well 18 years have past and we are still hot for each other. She is not only my wife, but is my best friend too. I am a lucky man.

Street Tuff

So, I am a white woman with a white partner and a white baby, and TWICE in our son's one year of life, a stranger has made a positive comment on his white-ness. Once was an old (white) man in a McDonald's in rural New Mexico, to my husband holding our son, "It's good to see a nice, white baby." (verbatim, that's what he said!) and, even more creepy was the young seemingly progressive Mexican American guy I sat next to on a plane and had good conversation with, only to have him conclude our chat by saying to my infant son, "Well it's pretty cool you got those blue eyes and blonde hair, buddy. There aren't many of you left."

Incidents like this have made me, naive and selfish and racist as I'm sure this sounds, wish to God that I could somehow just birth a black or brown baby, just to spite these idiots. Like, I feel guilty for creating the situation that could allow a stranger to make these comments. I voiced this desire aloud to my husband, who responded like, wow don't you think a lot of parents of color just wish they could birth a white baby as to give them greater opportunity in their life? What's wrong with you? And he's right, I'm totally ignorant. I guess what I'm trying to say is that in weak moments I have been the person-under-the-spell-of-mixed-race-fantasy who could have written this terrible PolicyMic article.

Sharon Miller@facebook

It's not about diluting what we once hated. It's about the fact that society is evolving and that love is crossing the racial lines in a positive way! It's about what Mr & Mrs Loving fought for! It's about LOVE and what LOVE is creating. I'm about as white as they come and there is nothing wrong with that. My white mom fell madly in love with my white dad and had white babies. It's a beautiful story. I happened to fall in love with a black man and we had 2 beautiful bi-racial babies. My story and my babies aren't any less beautiful than my parents' story and my parents' babies. THAT is what it is all about.

Jim Sterrett@facebook

@Sharon Miller@facebook thanks for being one of the first people to talk with any sense in these comments.

James Wade Jr.@facebook

Obviously this article and the majority of these comments are a Caucasian's pathetic and feeble attempt to hold on to what's left of an already dying race in America. Caucasians have caused nothing but destruction and havoc throughout this Earth's history. Obviously Jia Tolentino is quite upset that her husband/lover has a little Vienna sausage "pink dick" and wanted to vent her racist and pitiful point of view lol. There's an easy fix for that pent up stress and frustration you have love, come to the dark side. It'll do you and your attitude a world of good.

Jim Sterrett@facebook

@James Wade Jr.@facebook yes... because ONLY the white race has done bad things historically. idiot.

Nikita Athena Blue

@Jim Sterrett@facebook not to defend the obvious racism from Mr. James Wade Jr. (by the way, I have come to the dark side and it's true; they do have cookies) - but seriously, on what grand scale (such as genocide or attempted genocide or war-waging) has the "black" race done, pumpkin? You want to fill me in? I'm just curious what you can find in the archive... and even curiouser how much effort and research you're willing to put in to try to prove that black people are "evil too" LOL... ready, set, go!


@Nikita Athena Blue You are kidding right? For someone who seems to be so in tune with African culture, you should really pay more attention to what happens in Africa. Darfour, Rwanda, Congo, Liberia, Ughanda to name a few are places where genocide occurs. And the "black race" didn't do those things, groups of people did those things to other groups of people. But excluding any socially contrived classification of humans from evil acts is beyond stupid. Africa is also the single most genetically diverse continent on Earth so the idea of one "black race" is like saying there is one "eurasian race". ie social constructs with real social consequences.

Tyler Spartan Hollywood@facebook

You're a stupid asshole. I mean that. If you found her attractive, science supports that. Multiracial people are seen as more attractive. There's testable evidence supporting that fact. God you're a fucking idiot. How can you not support equality? You're saying that people deserve more than others based on race. That's fucked up. Obviously you don't deserve anything extra for your writing ability.

Jodi Bernadette Sampson@facebook

Wow, way to take a positive message and turn it into totally negative, bitter article. You can't deny that these pictures are gorgeous. Of course they couldn't represent all the possible mixes of people but we get the idea. And while not ALL Americans will look like this in 2050 (duh?), its obvious that a much higher percentage of people in this country will be of mix-raced background than before. How can this not be seen as progress, to blur the racial lines, in a country where racism has been so prevalent and only less than a century ago such marriages would have been illegal? Of course we can also appreciate the beauty of people who are pure (insert race) in 2050.
And don't speak for everyone when you say they're diluting "everything we used to hate"..sounds like the author has some personal issues with race. It's about appreciating human diversity and all races and the beauty that can result when they mix.

April L. Josey@facebook

I agree......very well said.....if you r white and feel differently miss me with your perceptions of race and race struggles in America.......explaining what minorities go through and how they feel in this country is from their experiences not anything told to them.......

Jim Sterrett@facebook

lol...nice racist diatribe, Jia. What you are failing to realize in your apparent rabid anti-white/(other race) rhetoric is that in the article, not ONE of the suggested mixes even hints at being mixed with white. they are ALL other races so ummm...no, the article never suggested how pretty your kids would be if you "boned a white guy".

Nikita Athena Blue

@Jim Sterrett@facebook the pictures obviously suggest that "white" is ALWAYS mixed in, considering there are no black skinned results. She is not a racist for pointing out racism. Try again, White Guy.


Troll fucking CITY here.

Much like the Cancel Colbert campaign, this reveals what happens when a woman of color speaks about something controversial - vicious personal attacks and blanket statements about the writer's "racism."

up cubed

@idrathernot Thanks for calling it out! Seems many guys posting from Facebook have some nasty opinions that they NEED to share with us.

Nikita Athena Blue

Oh sweetie, there are so many people (specially white racist ones) who LOVE to pretend that the people who have a problem with racism are racists too!! It makes them feel SOOOO much better! So... let's ignore them and - seriously, well said!!

Myra Lee@facebook

i think this is definitely a valid point that would appear when this happens but i'd like to see the positive part of this as well. Nothing is ever fully negative or positive. They come hand in hand. I just don't like this much hate on any one article that's just trying to point out the positive. Keep an open mind.


here i was, pretty excited to see an upswing in comments around these parts. i should have known! fascinating that an article on the rhetoric of internet pseudo-science evokes such nonsensical responses. some of these complaints about racism or something are completely 100% illegible. not that you could have taken any of that bullshit seriously, but i thought your critique was funny and accurate as ever, jia. thanks for posting it!

Ana Casián Lakoš@facebook

I'm a biracial woman, who will someday have multi-race children of my own, and here is my take: http://womenworthy.blogspot.com/2014/03/biracial-beauty-is-real-message-to-my.html


Okay, just to stick to the basics. This article sucks because It is making assumptions with no real basis at all. You can comment about how many white people may think it's neato that "white get's more interesting" or "minorities get to look white." I think however it's a stretch and furthermore totally unfair to assume you know why the hell this article was written in the first place. I've noticed a lot of articles lately where this kind of implication accusation based journalism is just accepted because not accepting it means you're one of them.
I can totally see how one's mix of genetic traits being really "interesting" to white people is extremely annoying. I can also see how people using their "appreciation" for non-white features as a way to prove their crispy ass isn't racist is even more annoying. Here's the thing though. You don't get to assume you know what people's intentions are, then chastise people for thinking that way. That isn't racism. That is just plain unfair and stupid.

Sierra Elizabeth Hansen@facebook

@IgetitIdon'tgetit The problem with your line of thought is this: there IS no way to prove that people think that way. Try applying a research-based method to observations from the POV of mixed-race humans everywhere. You can't. -Shakes head-
Ok, then let's move on to your idea that people always have specific intentions when they make comments about the idea of a mixed race. Bombardment of our historically very white-centric country (and you cannot argue that the US isn't white-centric) with messages about skinnier, lighter beauty being the ideal has actual effects on our perception of beauty. These are well-researched, and it's pretty basic.
Now, answer me this. If all anyone seems to be getting from this article is "she's criticizing white people and mixed marriages," can I ask if anyone actually reads articles closely anymore? Because that's not what she's saying. A couple handfuls of humans I'm friends with on the fb shared this, and they are of mixed race (obnoxious bingbingbing: this means not white). What I noticed is most said it BOTHERS them, when others act like they're somehow better because they have some white in them.
Yeah, so, white privilege still exists in mixed marriages guys. Get with it.

Jack Foster III@facebook

Pretty jaded. I see the other and think it's beautiful. I don't think that requires that I be psyco-analysis. Um . . . ized. :)


Late to the party (and my god, the trolls!), but thanks for this Jia.

As someone who is already multiracial, these kinds of fetishizing articles make me really uncomfortable, and I think you nailed the reasons why. Also, I feel weird that this is the image of "The Future" when, hey, I and many, many others are already here.


Keep writing this. Don't ever stop!

Djgemstarr Mixtapes@facebook

OMG,Ijust wanna hop in Doc Browns Time Machine, go to 2050 & smash that big lipped freckled reddish blonde haired girl from the future. I gotta wait 36 years for bitches like that?? WTF?? Also, I think its funny that when were all one race, there still be gingers....... ( no anagram puns )

Wynne Royle

This was an interesting point of view. What's funny is that she almost looks like someone i used to know. My question is... what will the not so exotic people of the future look like?

@Ana Casián Lakoš@facebook... thanks for sharing the other blog as well.

Gemma Seymour@facebook

As a woman of multiple heritage, it makes me more than a bit uncomfortable to read these types of discussions without any indication as to whether or not the author has a personal stake in the issue. I didn't ask to be born, and I certainly didn't ask to be born to my parents in particular. For me, this isn't the world of 2050, it's the world of 1968.

All my life, I have been treated at the convenience of others. My race is whatever others impose upon me—never enough of one thing, or too much of the other. Try to remember that Rashida Jones, and all the other people like her and me, are actual human beings, regardless of what meanings you might wish to project onto us, and that we often are held at arm's length by other people, alternately exotified, idolised, and alienated.

(Edit: Ah, I must have missed the first time, but apparently, the author is *not* a person of multiple heritage. Shame on you, Jia.)


Those people in those pictures are completely hideous. I'm not even convinced that they are even human at all. They look like exotic monkeys from Madagascar or some other out of the way place.


The original National Geographic article, Changng Faces, is basically saying, judging people based on their racial appearance is still a huge problem in America. We too often make assumptions based on race and that if we couldn't see the differences in our skin tone, hair texture, then we might be forced to be less parsimonious about who we feel connected to.

In other words while some people would feel a connection to me, an outgoing, quirky girl, with a humongous appetite for literature, art, food, and life ...most would miss out because they wouldn't give themselves or me a chance, to see anything about me past the fact I am black.


So much this! Ever since I got engaged people like to make comments about how cute our babies will be, with the either explicit or implicit reason being we are from different races. Our kids will be cute bc of our excellent genes, NOT bc of racial mixing. Does everyone forget tiger woods when these conversations one up? Though I understand the author's issue with "progress" and "beauty" being portrayed through whitening, there is a flip side in my personal life. Given how the worst conservatives like to speak about women as brood mares, my partner and I do derive some satisfaction knowing I will not bring another white man into the world (nothing against you, white guys, but there are plenty of you already & there will continue to be.)



Wowww. You seriously think you're not a straight-up racist? How obscenely ignorant. You are flat-out racist, and so it your partner. And considering that white men comprise only about 7% of the human population, they are very much a minority, so your 'plenty' nonsense is just moronic. You are a racist and so is your racist partner.


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Wynne Royle

The truth is, at this point in the world's history; whether it shows or not, more than half of the world's population is mixed. You find that as people trace their genealogy back they see as black as they may look on the outside, they have white blood/ancestors and no matter how white they look; they trace and find they are mixed. As long as we realize that black, brown, yellow, red, olive or white we all bleed red blood... so I'm not sure what a regular American will look in the year 2020 or 2050 what I do know is that we are all human.


It depends on their handle on the environment. - Marla Ahlgrimm


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I never really thought of the future being multi-racial, because I have known multi-racial people my whole life. Including myself. I've always heard how beautiful Hispanic mixed girls are. I wouldn't know. Genetics never gave me any markers that show I am Hispanic. In the end, it's all just a crapshoot.


Stupid and shallow. It's pretty obvious that they just blended the image from races based on population proportion, and considering that 75% of the U.S. population is white, -of fucking course- the image will end up looking pretty white. The implications of racism here are just histrionic nonsense. Get off it.

Tata Herbal

The truth is, at this point in the world's history; whether it shows or not, more than half of the world's population is mixed. You find that as people trace their genealogy back they see as black as they may look on the outside, they have white blood/ancestors and no matter how white they look; they trace and find they are mixed. As long as we realize that black, brown, yellow, red, olive or white we all bleed red blood... so I'm not sure what a regular American will look in the year 2020 or 2050 what I do know is that we are all human. Jual Obat Herbal Online


@Tata Herbal i agree with you in this point
. You find that as people trace their genealogy back they see as black as they may look on the outside, they have white blood/ancestors and no matter how white they look; and also in Cara Sehat Mengobati this point they trace and find they are mixed. As long as we realize that black, brown, yellow, red, olive or white we all bleed red blood...


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"Look at how beautiful it is to see everything diluted that we used to hate" right on the money with that one!

I was also thinking when I looked at this photo - where is the cancer and the obesity, and the hair loss, and the skin rashes and the radiation poisoning all the other detrimental aspects of our modern environment that are obviously going to be a major issue in the future.

Martins Lanaya@facebook

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