Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Things We Talk About When We Talk About Twitter Being Down


Twitter is was down. So I guess this is an opportunity to be alone with our thoughts and that forever, empty feeling Louis CK tells us to embrace more often? Ok, starting now... Unless you guys want to comment below and then we can all connect with each other? Either way.

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Must fill the void. [cannot stand silence, am clearly an awful, awful teacher's pet]

Michelle Markowitz

@adorable-eggplant It feels so good to connect


@Michelle Markowitz Howdy, there. :)


i have occasional bits of depression. at first i was so confused because depression makes no sense. and as i was sobbing alone in my room i kept trying to fight it and i kept screaming to myself "why is this happening to me???" later my therapist said to stop fighting it. to be okay with being sad and let it flow over you knowing it's a temporary feeling.

it really was beautiful and i felt so so much joy and clarity afterwards@t

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