Monday, March 17, 2014


The Yoga-Juice Continuum

Previously: The Smear-Passion Index

Tricia Louvar is a writer and visual artist living in a log cabin with her family. Visit her at tricialouvar.com.

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I have never seen this chart be for. Pretty interesting. - James D. Sterling

Chareth Cutestory

Guilty. My recent purchase of a Vitamix, coupled with the fact that I subscribe to Tara Stiles's YouTube channel, places me pretty squarely in the boat pose category.

(But seriously...my Vitamix is the best thing ever.)


@Chareth Cutestory I'm right around side crow with my Breville, though I broke my arm last month and worry that I'll never actually do side crow again. Keepin it real now with mountain pose (which is basically just standing).

isabelle bleu

I am pretty sure that there is a level missing, maybe two, between Capri Sun and the wheatgrass shot. Isn't there a place for the tap-water drinker who still thinks of yoga pants as just overpriced Spandex??


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