Monday, March 10, 2014


Multilingual Gibberish

There are some people who speak several languages, and that's great and I'm really impressed, but this girl can speak like twelve different kinds of gibberish! Swedish gibberish, Arabic gibberish, a whole United Nations meeting of gibberish! I don't think I could pull this off even in English. Some are better than others—the Italian turned out so stereotypical she labeled it "Pizza"—but they're all pretty interesting glimpses at what a language (kind of) sounds like to people who don't speak it. (See also: this old Italian music video in a nonsense approximation of rock-and-roll-style English. It's about 10% more decipherable than "Gimme Shelter.")

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Her language skills are awesome, but those are not remotely the sounds of Portuguese!


@katzenklavier I speak a little Brazilian Portuguese, and it definitely doesn't sound like that. I assumed it maybe sounded more like European Portuguese (though when I overhear European Portuguese I often take it for Russian for a few moments before I realize I understand some words).


@Lauren_O'Neal European Portuguese does sound oddly like Russian. I thought the gibberish in the video sounded more Italian. But maybe this works better for languages you don't speak--I was totally convinced by the other languages.


@katzenklavier yeah, I think too much familiarity with the languages in question kind of ruins it - the Japanese contained consonant mixtures that aren't normally possible (and the clipped bits of it had a rhythm more like Korean) and that threw me entirely.


@katzenklavier @Lauren_O'Neal Oh! I thought I was the only one who thought Portuguese sounded a little like Russian! Wow, this is a huge relief. (It sort of sounds like French and Russian got together and had a little baby language, to me?)


you are great <3 this is so awesome@v


This was hilarious.

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