Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Here's the First Trailer for The Giver

Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges are going to make this thing, and I quite like the look of the Giver's office, but why is the world not in black and white??? Tell me how you feel. Trailer via i09, and in other movie news, here's a look at Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace: that white bandana is putting in work.

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Yeah, why ISN'T it in black and white? I always thought a film version should be in b&w and colors are gradually added as Jonah seems them more (the apple flashing, Fiona's hair). Kind of a bummer :/


@meetapossum Totally! Or at least kinda crappy/low fi colors that get really vibrant later if they didn't want to go full Wizard of Oz on it.

Grace Anne Boucher@facebook

@meetapossum I think that it's better this way. Because when you're reading the book, you don't see things in black and white. HE does. And it takes a while to understand what he's talking about, because when he steals the apple he doesn't know why. And neither do you. Because the apple is already red to you.

Dirty Hands

@Grace Anne Boucher@facebook That's true! Huh.


I'm actually quite excited for this one.
The Giver was one of my favorite books when I was little so I'm glad to see their making a movie about it. It looks pretty good!!@k

Dirty Hands

Is it just me or is the end of that trailer the hugest spoiler of all time?


@Dirty Hands Is there really such a thing as a spoiler for a movie made from a book that was published 20 years ago?

Dirty Hands

@klemay YES, the suspension of disbelief is REAL!

taco-salad dot com

How are they going to do the big color reveal?? The Giver was my faaaavorite. I'm SO nervous they are going to butcher it. Jeff Bridges doesn't seem old enough to be The Giver, and his beard isn't long enough. I'm envisioning more of a Donald Sutherland... at the same time, I didn't like Daniel Radcliffe for Harry Potter at first either, and he turned out wonderful. Well, either way, I'm excited to see it, but expectations are set high.

The Attic Wife

I'm so not okay with the movie being in color from the beginning. I know it was a big reveal in the book, maybe they don't want people to realize that something is capital-W Wrong from the beginning, but I think it takes away from the image I have of the book from my mind. Not that films should be made to suit me, but the lack of color and music are key plot points. (Also, nitpick, but those kids are NOT 11.)


They got Jeff Bridges and fucking Meryl Streep and they didn't make it black and white??? WHERE CAN I FILE MY OFFICIAL COMPLAINT?


I think doing black and white and gradually adding color would make this way too similar to Pleasantville, stylistically. It was used to great effect there, but it was so integral to that movie, I don't think they wanted to invite comparisons. I never thought they would be able to properly film the color discovery aspect of the book, so I'm interested in seeing how they're approaching it.


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