Friday, March 14, 2014


Happy Pi Day

Sad girls holding pie

Happy Pi Day everyone! What is Pi Day? Well it was a day first invented by seventh grade math teachers in order to use the phrase, "See? Math can be fun!" As everyone remembers (and didn't just google) "Pi is defined as the distance around a perfect circle, or the circumference, divided by the distance across it, or the diameter." It is also known as the number beginning with 3.141592653...etc for the rest of time. Since today is 3/14, it is a day we typically celebrate by eating pie and also gleaning information about what people were like during their formative years by how into Pi Day they are now! [via CNN]

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Heather Funk

As someone who like neither pie nor math, I'll just be celebrating the fact that it's Friday. You guys take your Pi, and your pie. And cheesecake too, while you're at it. CAKE AND LANGUAGE ARTS FOREVER.

...Can the day after Pi Day be Poe day where people eat desserts that are actually delicious and celebrate classes that were actually fun?


You are such a lovely person.@t


A college friend took up jello wrestling at some point post-college, and her persona was something math-oriented (I'm sure it was a clever name, but I can't remember it offhand). Naturally, another college friend made up the following cheer for her friends to yell:

"Sine! Sine! Cosine! Sine!


@stonefruit Best. Cheer. Ever.


My family (mom, dad, and me) are self-proclaimed Pie-Pantheists (and lousy pun enthusiasts). My dad makes the world's best pies. I just talked to him on the phone and he said in honor of Pi day he is making quiche AND pie. PIE! Maybe out of frozen cherries and blueberries. Or possibly apple and dried cranberry. Anyway, it will be epic.

Upsidedown Topanga

Waitress! I am totally celebrating Pi Day by re-watching that movie. It's the best.


@Upsidedown Topanga
Yeah, whenever anyone weaned on "Felicity" expresses surprise at Keri Russell's acting chops in "The Americans," I know that they never saw "Waitress."

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@Upsidedown Topanga I know. I want to watch it again right now.

...oh my god, is that where my secret dream of opening a pie shop comes from? How did I not realize that until now?

Mira Bresnan@facebook

Pi Day? Why Not? ..:)

Bune Sukma Prawitasari@facebook

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