Monday, March 24, 2014


Going Blonde


Emily May makes art and incriminates herself. She wants to talk about the semiotic implications of your hair and thinks you look great.

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AHHHH, YAS. I am also a natural dark-hair who just bleaches the whole thing, so this speaks to me. I like to think that it just filters out people who are intimidated or otherwise put-off by "dumb/frivolous/too party," but is it really their loss over mine? Is the hair color I chose mostly for hilarity depriving me of the secretly rewarding companionship of surly Morrissey-types?


Love this. I'm in that dirty blonde territory where my hair looks really blonde when it's short but when I grow it out, the bleached out ends clash with the dirty blonde roots. I have resigned myself to dying every 8 weeks or so until a) I go grey or white (I'm hoping it just slowly goes lighter blonde until it's white like my dad's did) or b) it all falls out from over-processing.


@JillCool I'm the same. I had no hair until I was two, practically white hair as a kid, and even when it started to get a little darker it would bleach out again naturally in the summer. I'm so used to having light hair that I think my my natural color as practically brown now, even though it's just dishwater blonde. Thank god for my fantastic colorist. When I tell people I get it done they're always surprised (and it warms my heart a little every time).


@sbizzle This is me too! My hair gets so light in the summer!

Emily May@facebook

This may sound totally bizarre, but my name is also Emily May, and I'm ALSO a bottle blonde! I started a nonprofit and my hair went grey and I rebelled. It wouldn't have lasted so long except there's no dark hair to return to. Anyway, we should be friends, Emily May! (I also run ihollaback.org, if you ever want to make a street harassment comic). My twitter is @emilymaynot.


+1000 points for "sistren."

I went from medium brown to platinum for over a year and got nothing but "I wish I could do that" from people, and I was like, "you can! it's just hair! who cares?" Then I gave myself a buzzcut (talk about semiotic implications of hair, esp for a femme straight chick), and now I dye it beautiful blue. It's weird, I get nothing but good feedback about this hair (especially from kids), even in situations where I'm like, hmm, I didn't even think about what blue hair would say to these people, is blue hair okay? It helps not to be interviewing for jobs, I suppose. PS I am pushing 40 and a professional classical singer and voice teacher. Moral of the story: go nuts with your hair, it's fun.


@Maven Me, too! I was very blonde for about a year (which was a very expensive year, and my hairlady and I got to know each other really well) and got a lot of similar comments about it. But I could relate, because I never thought that I could do it until I did. Then I cut off most of my hair and the blonde is almost all gone, which I am fine with (plus going back to school full time soon and so cannot afford the fanciness). Side note: my sister is a natural blonde who dyes her hair auburn. This should be illegal.


I was blonde as a kid but then when I hit puberty my hair went to that weird not blonde, not brown color. I started highlighting my hair when I was 13. I've played a lot with color but always end up going back to the highlights. In fact, I just went back to highlights last night.

It's weird but having curly hair, I find that the perception of my hair is better when it's lighter.

Molly Moody@facebook

I see you Emily May!!!
Love it!

Lynn Willis@facebook

I started going gray at 19 and have been most natural colors and many unnatural colors since then. I did let the gray grow out from 40 to 45 just to see what it looks like but I'm back to very light blonde right now which is good for chalking (does anyone chalk their hair anymore besides me?). I'd like to go indigo or royal blue next.


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I love this illustrative series -- more like it, please!

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