Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Finally, Some Endives for a Diva Like Me

Via Sociological Images, tireless chronicle of all that is casually ridiculous:

This is a Quebec company formerly called Connaisseur, and the rebrand has apparently worked: "Since launching Endives Diva, company president Philippe Schryve has already announced a significant rise in sales." More products like this here, and two others great ones after the jump. 

And this last one is from a job ad in Germany:

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Mlle Mlle

Ugh I LOVE endives but every time I have to buy those (in the absence of gender neutral alternatives) I loathe myself a little...

and it's not even my birthday

@Mlle Mlle
Sounds like you could use a double Qream on the rocks in such a situation...


alright alright alright@k


I can't tell what I'm most confused about in the dog one--that there is such a thing as dog cologne? That people even care about gender-appropriate scents for their pets, who a)would probably prefer their own scents and b) often have no balls so who even cares?


@OhMarie Haha, that one is my favorite too. WHAT THE FUCK?! Why is there gendered dog shampoo/cologne?


I would probably make a shitty coder because I have like five pairs of shoes that need to be resoled or shined.


Blinded by my dislike of gendered marketing, I read this whole article without realizing that "diva" is word-play on "endives." Once I belatedly realized this I forgave them. But only if all vegetables are gendered based on puns. BRO-ccoli should be sold with broccoli florets as li'l dumbbells.


@bluewindgirl If that were the case, my hatred for broccoli would probably be trumped by my love of puns. That sounds adorable.


Imminent Bloody Gender War. Genius.

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