Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Make Your Very Own Dinosaur Serving Dish

Welcome to Just The Tips.

Today: Oscars Dino Serving Platter

Previously: Kim Kardashian's Face Contouring

Katie is a producer in Texas. Katy is a copywriter in California. They are best friends who met at piano lessons in the early 18th century. In “Just The Tips,” Katy and Katie heed the siren song of “best life” advice in the realms of fashion, makeup, DIY, crafts, and home decor. Their efforts are met with only varying degrees of success; their spirits remain suspiciously undefeated. Follow them on Twitter and Tumblr.

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I want to play the Jurassic Park quote game. Everybody hold onto your butts cause I will be great at it.


@OhMarie That's pretty bold. Katy beats everyone at that game. I guess you guys should play each other.


This was an amazing episode, as always, and then... "Surfbort!" Perfection.@l


Huzzah! This is a great one, Katy and Katie. Up there with the Turkey Cake ep.


@Yarnybarny Thanks! Turkey Cake is one of my favs, too, I'm glad you like it.


New favorite because I love me some T-Rex, and I love me some cheese.


@Statham agreed, these are the top things.

isabelle bleu

Every time I watch one of these videos, I DESPERATELY miss my best friend. Also: Why no brontosaurus love in this vid??


@isabelle bleu I wish I had a best friend who wanted to spray-paint things gold with me! Alas, her interests lie elsewhere...Anyway SHOCKING NEWS I recently found out that THE BRONTOSAURUS DOES NOT EXIST! Never has! Here is a story about it:
Apparently it was a mistake made out of competitive haste back when there was a big race to find and name all the dinosaurs ever, or something.

I am still upset that a significant portion of my childhood has been rendered invalid. "Apatosaurus" just doesn't have the same ring to it, dammit!

[PARENTHETICAL ASIDE: I also learned that chickens (OK, birds generally I think? but I care about chickens) are likely the closest living descendants of dinosaurs, and now I see my chickens as being smaller, gentler pterosaurs and it makes me happy.]

isabelle bleu

@ru_ri Ahhh, how I love that little chicken factoid. Mini Dinosaur Pot-Pie has such a much more elegant ring to it than Chicken Pot-Pie! Also, I feel that the dino-chicken connection gives a glimpse into just how frightening dinosaurs must have been, because chickens is lovely but chickens is also TERRIFYING. I would simply expire if I ever encountered a six-and-a-half foot chicken and that's all there is to it.


@isabelle bleu You need to read The Hoboken Chicken Emergency! Six-and-a-half-foot chickens are just misunderstood. :-)

isabelle bleu

@ru_ri *hustles over to library online book reservation, title in virtual hand*


Nothing can ever top the Swants episode, but this is wonderful.


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I went on a gold spray paint SPREE before the weather turned! I bought a can... and suddenly everything not nailed down in my living room got a coating. It's addicting stuff. The curtain rods, the hardware on all of the furniture, a plastic skull, a foam pumpkin, all of the lamps, a few vases... maybe next I'll get a DINO! Good job ladies!!

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