Thursday, February 13, 2014


We Hacked Anthropologie

Today: The Anthropologie "Hack"

Previously: Super Bowl Face Paint

Katie is a producer in Texas. Katy is a copywriter in California. They are best friends who met at piano lessons in the early 18th century. In “Just The Tips,” Katy and Katie heed the siren song of “best life” advice in the realms of fashion, makeup, DIY, crafts, and home decor. Their efforts are met with only varying degrees of success; their spirits remain suspiciously undefeated. Follow them on Twitter and Tumblr.

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up cubed

Can we talk about this glasses+makeup game? Cause that look is pure professional, no amateur hour here. How can I get my face to look that amazing??


@up cubed I know! I was mesmerized by how PERFECTLY they match!

jello salad

@up cubed @JustTheTips

Um yeah, where are those glasses from and what is that lipstick?

LOLZ-ing hard at this tutorial. Anthropologie's $20 candles are the thing that push me over the edge.

up cubed

@up cubed I think their twitter said the glasses are from Warby Parker.


Burst out laughing when you revealed your creations. Katy and Katie is always the best part of my day when it comes out.


Did they get matching bob haircuts? They are both so cute as always.


I love this, and I love them. And THANK YOU for mentioning how obnoxious the term "hack" is. Gah. I hate it.


I laughed so much at the Anthro talk! I had never been in an Anthropologie, but I bought some lovely orange flats with a bee charm on them from the Anthro website based on a Jane Marie Friday recommendation. They were a little too small so I tried to exchange them at the store so I didn't have to pay shipping. That place is INSANE.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@OhMarie I walked past an Anthropologie when I was visiting another city (Cambridge, Massachusetts, just fyi, where there is Harvard and Belgian waffles and like, fancy subway stations or something? and people in expensive strollers, so really, the perfect setting for such a store) and I could only sort of see through the window so I tried to go in. And I could not find the door.

How, I have no idea. But I just gave up, partly because my friend said that it did not look like the kind of store she wanted to shop at.


"Will-est trolling, um, buzzfeed..." WILL-est? Really? Don't you mean "whilst"? That is pronounced exactly the same as "while" with a soft "st" at the end. So ignorant. Stopped watching right there.

Emma Carmichael

@Srslypissedoff R u real

Dirty Hands

@Srslypissedoff Pshh, that was purposely exaggerated. It's too bad you didn't finish watching this video you came across will-est trolling the Hairpin, because these ladies are fantastic!


I was hoping one of these would come out today. Happy Galentine's Day to me!


You would not believe how well those novelty aprons sell. Especially around Mother's Day (always made me super mad but maybe some women liked getting them? I hope?).


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Lacety "hack." Materials: 1 nautical shirt with horizontal stripes and 1 large dog (e.g., great Dane, Irish wolfhound, chubby golden retriever). Step one: put on shirt. Step two: take the dog for a walk in a muddy field. Step three: have dog jump up on chest.

You are welcome.

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