Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The Allies Pie


Previously: The Fantasy Sochi Pie

Ann Friedman made this chart at the behest of a straight white guy but identifies with it 100%.

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Or, the day I finally removed the hairpin from my reading list.


100% YUP this pie is right.


At first, I thought it said, "dental cancer" and I was consumed with fear.

Hiroine Protagonist

The insane showing from the douchebro brigade on facebook at this post is truly breathtaking. Holy jesus on a pogo stick. Some douchecanoes are trying to tell me that this is somehow sexist because they OBVIOUSLY CANNOT READ. /ragemeltface


"does the joke i want to post about the pie chart scan as a joke in tonal/political/spiritual accord with the pie chart, or is it clueless in a way my privilege prevents me from seeing?" Uhh, roughly 1% at least


Hahahahahaha! Ann, when you get it right, you get it RIGHT. Love this (and I have a hunch the 'pinner men are laughing right now).


">51%: Why should I think I'm fooling anybody when the other male feminists aren't even fooling me?"


Ha ha! Umm, yes yes yes, right on the money.

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