Wednesday, February 19, 2014


OC/Gossip Girl Romantic Pairings, Ranked

12. Summer Roberts and Georgina Sparks

11. Serena van der Woodsen and Ryan Atwood

10. Luke Ward and Chuck Bass

9. Lily van der Woodsen and Sandy Cohen

8. Luke Ward and Jenny Humphrey

7. Anna Stern and Vanessa Abrams

6. Dan Humphrey and Anna Stern

5. Chuck Bass and Marissa Cooper

4. Marissa Cooper and Nate Archibald

3. Seth Cohen and Dorota

2. Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen

1. Julie Cooper and Chuck Bass

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Seth Cohen and Dorota! Yes!


You are a goddamn GENIUS for Anna Stern and Vanessa Abrams (Maybe it can be done for one of The Toast's Femslash Fridays??)

Julie Cooper and Chuck Bass is also an APT pairing.


Don't even get me started. Too late.

Oliver Trask and Ivy Dickens
Kaitlin Cooper and Jack Bass
Kevin Volchok and Trip van der Bilt
Caleb Nichol and CeCe Rhodes
Trey Atwood and Nelly Yuki
Theresa Diaz and Olivia Burke (H. Dufffff)
Luke's Dad and Blair's Dad and Gus and Roman (they have an open relationship)

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