Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Now You've Really Done It, Sochi

We could have gone to Mars 20 times for the price of these Olympics? $520 million per event? This is the last straw, in the good company of other last straws, like the fact that it's 61 degrees right now in Sochi right now, also the horrific human rights violations being indirectly sanctioned, etc.

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Guy spends like eight billion dollars on figure skating and the gays are still mad at him. I guess you just can't win.


This actually looks kinda interesting... @m


My feelings around Sochi are so mixed. Like one the one hand there's a lot of problematic shit going on, but it's gaining a lot of attention because it's relatively more problematic than other Olympics??? Like I am pretty sure Brazil's citizens do not want to host the summer Olympics at all.

On the other hand, I am like, these athletes have trained for how long and how much do these games mean to them I just feel like that shouldn't be tossed to the side.

On the other-other hand, I am also pretty sure the politics around Sochi has just turned into a competition of WHICH COUNTRY CAN THROW THE MOST SHADE AT RUSSIA AND RECEIVE THE MOST TUMBLR REBLOGS ABOUT HOW THEY'RE ~TROLLING~ RUSSIA and that is the most gross to me.

In summary: :\ :\ :\


@di i feel you for sure on all of this. one thing i loved about that GQ article on gay life in russia was how jeff sharlet was very quick to point out that the specific moral tenor of the anti-gay crusade there is sort of an american gift... i just think that sochi is a surprisingly big leap from the baseline of most olympics being economically and politically questionable to a truly new level: like each event costing three times on average what events cost in beijing, which was the most expensive olympics before this, etc


61 degrees?!?! I give up. *curls up and dies in a pile of fleece*


Team USA is such a mess these games, I'm pretty sure the bald eagle will be back on the endangered species list by the end of it.


Well, the Russians could have gone to Mars.

Or alternatively (and more likely) the Russians could have funded 23,980 more human rights violations!

you're a kitty!

I'm team mars and all, but this quoted cost doesn't consider how much money the olympics brings into russia, right?

isabelle bleu

UGH RIGHT. Thank you for this. I've never been an Olympic booster at the best of times, but then I lived through the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics, and got to see first-hand what an overpriced shit-show the IOCC brings to town. I also wonder how the athletes don't feel used in all of this; I mean, not a single person on the planet gives a care about two-man luge or whatever for the other 206 weeks of the Winter Olympic cycle, but then bring up the corruption, cronyism and general funnelling of money toward developers that is the Olympic run-up during the games themselves and everyone gets all like BUT THE ATHLETES ARE SOOO IMPORTANT! THEY TRY SO HARD! RAH RAH! Sorry, but all the figure skater sparkles in the world don't deflect the general grossness that is the Olympics.

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