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Friday Open Thread

Outside it may be shitty; inside, I am channeling this dog. How are you doing? Tell us in the comments, and feel free to catch up on anything you may have missed this week:

The ultra-foxy Paleo people of legend, dinosaur dishes from Katy & Katie, cryptid dating tips

A coming-out party for Elsa & a True Detective rabbit hole from Edith & an INS-resistant Vegas wedding officiated by Elvis

• Chats with Jolie Kerr about her new book (!) & with a psychic from New Mexico

Advice from Baba Yaga & cultural know-how from women around the world (don’t miss Older Danish Women Don’t Mind Looking Leathery)

• Lessons from a family lawyer & plant genius Helen Yoest

• The inability of one particular woman to deal with writers’ residencies as well as MFA vs NYC

• Finally, a refusal to either dance for justice or just “soak it all in

Remember, we’ve got open for any advice questions you might want answered. Have a great weekend, everybody.

Photo via Still Burning/Flickr


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