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Ask a Psychic

Pat Bruckmann is a professional clairvoyant in Tucson, Arizona whose client list includes celebrities and other psychics. When I met her, I couldn't resist getting a reading, and as someone whose prior experience with psychics consisted solely of $10 readings in dingy storefronts, I must say that the experience was pretty great. Pam told me specific things about my personality that were right on the money. She predicted a few events, one of which has already happened. She advised me to get a Twitter account.

Pat’s office is neat and nondescript. Aside from one small pink crystal on the bookshelf, there are almost no clues as to what goes on inside. Pat spent a couple of decades as a corporate manager in New Jersey before “coming out of the psychic closet” seven years ago. She still exudes the casual earnestness of a librarian; she records her sessions and sends every client home with a CD. When I asked if she’d consider an interview, she instantly said yes.

When did you first realize you were psychic?

My parents knew before I did. They were very comfortable with it, particularly my dad. They’re the ones who told me there was something different, or unique. As I got a little bit older, I became aware of it based on people’s reactions. I would say things that they hadn’t told me, and I would see the looks on their faces, and that’s really when I thought, “Oh, that’s kinda weird.” When I was younger, people thought I was precocious; when I got older it was creepy. I became self-conscious about it.

Was it a gradual realization that you had this extra knowledge, or an instant one?

There wasn’t any lightning bolt moment. It’s kind of always been this separate sort of feeling that gradually became very profound. Maybe I ended up working in management because I was helping people and had insight into them.

But I think there was a lot of me that just wanted to be like everybody else.

In terms of forecasting, with what level of specificity do you see future events? Do you see, like, a disturbance in energy, or do you see a certain event really happening?

There are a few different ways that I get information. I can see, feel, hear, or know. When I do future events, I can see a timeline. I then focus in on that timeline, and the information comes through like a language, a form of communication between the nonphysical and the physical, and the process is very symbolic. When I’m working with someone in their soul work, it will sometimes be a form of channeling, which is outside that realm. There I just receive information that flows through without any of what I call “intellectual hit.”

When it comes to my personal future, I’ll see it like it’s a movie, or have a dream. For example, when I lived in New Jersey, I once saw myself driving up this driveway and meeting a stranger. Later, I drove up that driveway in real life and actually met that person, and we dated and stuff.

When I’m working with other people, there’s a little bit of a filter. I really believe in free will, so I try to help people live their lives and not follow exactly what I’m saying. If I say, “Oh, this is gonna happen,” do I want you to be looking for that? No. I want you to naturally fall into it. I want you to be experiencing life, and then you'll know what to do when that situation comes up. Do you follow?

I think I do. You mentioned choice and free will. Do you think the timeline you see can be altered?

Yes! Free will and choice affect everything. I think that’s the beauty of life. A person can forget what I say to them or choose to ignore it; it might make their life more complicated, but I think that rejecting the advice will then be a part of their lesson.

So when people ask why psychics don’t all just win the lottery…

[laughs] Who’s to say I haven’t tried?! That’s one of my biggest pet peeves: why don’t they give me the lottery numbers? Why don’t they make my life a little bit easier? I’ve thought about this a lot, and I’ve concluded that if I won the lottery I’d be sittin’ at the beach. So then I start bargaining: “Just give me a little cushion, and I’ll still do this work!” I don’t know. You wonder whether people who win the lottery are getting numbers from someplace. I mean, who knows.

You’re at the mercy of what the universe chooses to give you during a reading.

Absolutely, and who decides that? I don’t know.

Have you ever made a forecast or had a feeling in your own life that turned out to be completely wrong?

I’m very good with predictions. It’s never 100%, but I’m very good with them. Maybe once or twice a year I’ll sit down and do a formal reading for myself, and when I do things like predictions, they usually play out. You talk about the lottery… I actually have gotten stock tips. I don’t normally dabble in the stock market, but there were two stocks that I thought would be interesting to buy, and then they exploded like six months later.

I’m pretty sensitive about things. I’ll start to kind of not feel right about somebody, I’ll be upset about someone I haven’t seen [in awhile] and not know why it’s bugging me. I’ll know that, in a couple of days, something’s going to come out. I’ll have a sense of that stuff ahead of time. I see it as an opportunity to say, “OK, there it is,” and not engage in it.

I’m very careful about where my energy is spent. I don’t intentionally do world events unless someone asks me, but sometimes things will just come out in a session. I saw the Occupy Wall Street thing a year before all that started. I was with a client and I said, “It’s gonna be like the '60s again. Things are gonna start playing out, and the world’s shifting.” In 2008, I had someone ask me, almost as a second thought, about Hillary Clinton. Hillary was, like, it at the time, and [my client] was assuming that she was gonna get the nomination. I said, “You know, I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think so.” I put my hand up against my head, and I said, “It’s going to be someone with very close-cropped hair.”

But I don’t know, at this point in my life, that my role is in that sphere. That might be just for attention, maybe a little more attention than I would prefer.

Have you ever sat down to do a reading with someone and just not been able to get any information on them for whatever reason?

The way I see it is that if someone comes in, they are inviting me into their energy and their space, so I’m able to get information about them. But that doesn’t mean that they necessarily want to hear it. Do people challenge or test me? Absolutely, but I don’t take it personally; I just give them the information. I’m not a mind reader—I think I’d be a lot wealthier if I was! When I work, I work with your guides. I don’t, like, tell you your favorite color and things like that. Sometimes, people will say, “How come you didn’t tell me I have three kids?” That’s not what I do.

Would you be able to see that information if you wanted to?

Yeah, but I’m taking my focus and putting it in the direction that’s going to better serve you.

You mentioned a person’s guides. Do you mean people they knew who have passed on?

My concept of what I connect to is pure and unconditional light and love, energy and consciousness. I don’t believe in heaven and hell. I believe death is like when we go to sleep, when we wake up in the morning and go, “Oh, I’m in my bed, I’ve got to get to work.” I believe that’s what happens when we pass, when we leave the physical. It’s like, “Oh, I’m in the nonphysical, I need to get to work.” That’s what it feels like to me, and when I connect to people who have passed, I connect to the whole of that energy.

So I believe that, no matter who we are in life, we move into that pure and unconditional light and love, and there’s no negativity in it. There’s no human ego or evil; it’s all love. I see it as tapping into the whole. But we as people need to hear that it’s Grandma. We need to hear that it’s an angel or a saint because we need to give that energy some structure. We have no concept or idea of what’s going on outside of ourselves or in the nonphysical, so we need to shape it and form it. My personal perspective is that it’s consciousness, and it’s energy, and it’s love.

If someone gives me the name of a person who has passed, the image that I’ve been given is that person coming out of the whole and standing there, and it’s sort of like they’re looking in a mirror at their lifetime. They’re saying, “That’s who I was, those are my characteristics and my personality and how I see things and what I want for [the living person] and how I’m working with them.”

That’s pretty amazing.

Well, it’s very different. But that’s kind of who I am. I like to encourage people to figure out what makes sense to them and to follow that. You don’t need me to Pied Piper; you can find your own method and connection.

So we should all be looking to connect with the universe as much as we can?

Yes. We’re both body and spirit. Just because I happen to have a more concentrated awareness of it doesn’t mean a person can’t develop that, use that muscle.

Can we all increase our intuition by simply being more open to it?

I think it’s about practice, about paying attention to it, giving it some energy. Not over-blowing it, just staying grounded with it. Not everything is symbolic. If I get some insight into something, I might say, “OK, is this wishful thinking, or is there more to this?”

I know you do pet readings for people. Do you feel like you can connect to any animal? Anything with a consciousness?

What do you mean by any animal? I can connect with pets that are alive or have passed.

Right, but if you saw a rat on the sidewalk, for example, could you connect with it?

Oh, you mean like that. Do I try to connect with that energetically? Yeah. There’s no proof for me, of course, that I’m doing it, but I look for results. If I worked my energy fields, for example, I could walk by a bunny without it moving.


I do have an awareness and a connection with animals. I’m very much an animal person. I’m a vegetarian/vegan.

I was going to ask you whether the connection you have to animals has affected the choices you’ve made in life.

Absolutely. The more conscious I become of energy and all that, the more it affects everything I do.

So when you’re connecting with an animal, it’s not as if it’s speaking to you, is it?

I mean, if I’m connecting with an animal I don’t hear, “Woof woof.” I have this 25 lb dog. I usually have big dogs, so I’m used to just putting my hand down to give them a treat. I started doing that with the little dog, but he wouldn’t take the treat. I started to kind of accidentally put my energy into wondering why, and then I heard, “My neck hurts.” So I started putting my hand down farther to help him.

Pat, we’ve been on the phone for an hour! I’m so sorry to have just told you half.

That’s OK, I knew it was going to be an hour. I planned for an hour.

Haha, right right.

I hope I gave you some insight. Not everybody agrees with me; not everybody has the same perspective. I think that sometimes it rattles people’s belief systems. But this is my perspective. I never want to force my opinions or ideas on anybody.

Even though I do this, even though I sit across from strangers and do this, I try not to think about it too much because if I do I get really weirded out. I don’t take myself too seriously. I think that’s key to any exploration in this. People call it a power, but it’s not a power! It’s not even necessarily a gift. It’s a part of our experience. It’s natural.

When you see a storefront psychic, do you kind of write her off?

No! Absolutely not. Those can be very interesting. People who do this in the way I can relate to come in all different forms. It could be in a storefront, on the phone, on television… it just depends on how they work in the world or how the world opens up to them, as it is with anyone else. We’re just as human as anybody else; we’re just as messed up as anybody else!

Elizabeth Baxa lives and works in New York.  You can't follow her on Twitter, but she knows she should change that and will get on it... soon.

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Das Rad

Ooh Exciting! Are there going to be any more "Ask A Charlatan"s in the near future?


@Das Rad Damn, I just googled "psychic" and I am seeing that they aren't the bonded and certified actuaries of the future that I thought they were???? HAIRPIN, YA BURNT


@Das Rad Sure, maybe "Ask a Homosexual Conversion Therapist" or "Ask a Hedge Fund Trader" or "Ask a Bloodletter." [/sarcasm]

In the ranks of people making money out of others' desire for wish fulfillment, this woman seems less harmful than many, and she has clearly put a lot of thought into what she does. There are better targets for your snark.


@Das Rad
The "less harmful" psychic is still someone dishonest that preys on the vulnerable for profit.

isabelle bleu

@Das Rad I would only endorse this idea if the next article were "Ask a self-diagnosed gluten-allergic yoga instructor".

Das Rad

@j-i-a My mistake - I had assumed this article was unquestionably accepting of Ms. Bruckmann's supposed special powers, what with statements like "that's pretty amazing" and "the connection you have to animals..." Now I know that The Hairpin also does not take Ms. Bruckmann seriously. Thank you for pointing that out, although I'm still confused as to why she is worthy of an interview if we're all in on the joke.

So on second thought, I would like to help with this endeavor. If someone from The Hairpin would like to interview me, I will happily lie to you about special abilities I do not possess, you can politely humor me about said abilities, and we can all be proud of a hard day's work.


@Das Rad Do I believe that psychic intuition is real? I really don't know, and I apologize if the interview came across as a ringing endorsement of it. I certainly didn't mean for it to. Do I think that Pat believes in what she's doing? Absolutely, just as I feel that many religious people believe whole-heartedly in the ideas they espouse. I find Pat's devotion to her work compelling, and I think that her perspective, while justifiably controversial, is thought-provoking and kind of beautiful. That's why I did the interview.


@The Baxa If you were trying not to seem credulous, "When did you realize you were psychic?" is a pretty odd question to lead with.


@Das Rad I think there is something to be said for interviews that accept people's experiences as being their experiences, whether or not there is objective proof of those experiences. There have also been interviews on here with clergy and practitioners of various religions, and those interviews accept that the interviewee believes they have the connection with their deity they say they do.
In terms of being a charlatan - if someone wants to pay a self-professed psychic money for a reading and use it as a way to guide their choices, I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with that. A psychic who is always predicting gloom or diagnosing curses that only she can lift is clearly a con artist who is out to make a buck, but sometimes people just want someone to tell them that things are going to work out, or to take a chance on something they really want, and if the person they turn to is a psychic, fine. I have friends who do their own tarot readings, not necessarily as reliable oracles of the future, but rather as ways to find out how they feel about certain choices in their lives.

You don't have to believe that Ms. Bruckmann (or anyone else) is psychic, but that doesn't mean it can't be interesting to hear her talk about it as a fact.


@Blushingflwr Thank you for saying what I meant to say far more clearly than I was able to! Yes--our society frowns on psychics, but sanctions many other professions that seem equally charlatanic (is that a word?).

I don't believe in psychics, but I enjoyed the interview.

Das Rad

@Blushingflwr Accepting people's personal experiences or beliefs is different than accepting someone who is defrauding people. There is nothing stopping Ms. Bruckmann from calling herself a "life coach" or something similar if she wants to make money guiding or comforting people about aspects of their lives. Instead, she calls herself a clairvoyant, which is an outright lie. I suppose there could be a tiny chance that she believes her own BS, but you don't end up as a psychic to celebrities if you are not versed in the sort of chicanery that psychics have used for decades.

Now obviously we shouldn't expect The Hairpin to be the New York Times when it comes to what they publish, and the interview is indeed interesting and well-written. But what am I supposed to do with this as a reader? It is hard for me to shut my mouth and just enjoy the interview when, to me, the entire thing reads as a shyster spouting elegant lies.

This woman charges $190 for an hour on the phone with her. Maybe that's disposable income for most of her clients and maybe it isn't. Does it matter? Sylvia Browne told Amanda Berry's parents that their daughter was dead. Perhaps at the time she justified it in her own mind by thinking she was offering some sort of closure. People like Ms. Bruckmann make absurd amounts of money by toying with the emotions of vulnerable people. That isn't something to take lightly, even if most of us just utilize psychics for shits and giggles every once in a blue moon.

My hope is that Ms. Bruckmann reads the comments and has a harder time sleeping at night. It would be fitting.


@Das Rad I think you make absolutely valid points. And hey, this resulted in an actual discussion on the Hairpin, which we were just bemoaning the recent lack of in the Friday Open Thread.

I never know if psychics actually believe that they are psychic, or if they are all fully conscious of their con artistry. The part of me that wants to believe the best in people believes that there are at least *some* practicing psychics out there who really believe that they have some special perception. But I know there are also psychics and fortune-tellers who are just full-on con artists playing on people's hopes and fears. Maybe she really believes she's psychic, maybe she's just observant and good at reading people and decided to make a career of it after seeing an episode of Psych.


@Blushingflwr "The part of me that wants to believe the best in people believes that there are at least *some* practicing psychics out there who really believe that they have some special perception."

I think this part of you is correct! After reading this interview, I looked up the Wikipedia page on cold reading for kicks, and I found a Skeptical Inquirer piece from Karla McLaren, a former psychic/current skeptic who said she had unconsciously absorbed, developed, and refined the techniques of cold reading, and she was good at it, and that's why she used to believe she was psychic. I suspect Pat Bruckmann is probably like that, too.


i find this all really fascinating, and i want to believe in this type of transcendental knowledge, and all that...but...2008 is not an impressive year to have said "not Hillary, someone with close cropped hair." not that one point credits or discredits someone, but come on now.


@LauraIngallsWildest I find it fascinating, too...but yeah, as opposed to all those candidates with free-flowing locks? Also, what's a vegetarian/vegan? A vegetarian who occasionally or often eats vegan? Cause that's still a vegetarian.


Super fascinating! Well-done interview


Wow you guys. Methinks thou dost protest too much. Has no one seriously gone to a psychic or reader? I'm not hippy dippy but I've talked to maybe 4 in the past 20 years. The first was a street festival tarot card reader, and she was so spot on that I was devastated for days. It was bam, bam, bam, bam as what she told me played out over the next 9-12 months. She taught me to respect their work. The next was a crap store front psychic, and that taught me to always research people if I was going to spend money. The next two were heavily researched. I saw one in NYC this past June and looked her up extensively before I visited her. It took three subway transfers to get to her on a storming night when I got lost in the village. I was wet, tired, and frustrated when I popped up in her space. She was taken aback and asked me how I found her. I told her I researched her. She didn't quite know what to think of that, but she did a complete tarot card reading, and the influences and potential events she outlined have been bam, bam, bam playing out ever since. She wasn't 100% right. Some details are different, such as the person I have conflict with at my job is a woman, not a man, and she said a man. But she was more on than off. And well worth thirty bucks.

Sheesh you guys. I don't call a psychic every time the wind changes. Once every 5 years is probably pretty statistically average. I know I'm not the only one.


@CaitlinRenee But... they say things that most people can relate to. Most people could identify someone at work they had a conflict with. If she said that to me, I could. Not 100% of people, but most, and that's why it works. You find ways to make what they say relevant to yourself and happily excuse the parts she gets wrong. Also they can read it on your face when they're getting it right so will keep going down a route based on your unintentional response. Clever - yes. Psychic? Hmm.


@CaitlinRenee Mary Roach has a really great bit in Spook about how people with actual grants to study these things objectively test psychics, and the first thing is, the readings have to be blind, where the reader can't see any reaction from the subject, and you have to offer the test subjects transcripts of multiple readings, some of which are not theirs. Then the readers pick the ones that seem on the mark to them, and that's how you grade them. And, they fail. When they can't adjust their reading according to the reader's reaction many psychics refuse to participate. The ones who will don't do any better than random selections.


@CaitlinRenee This reminds me why I need to read more Mary Roach! I heard Spook was kind of smug and self-satisfied, but entertaining. (I'm on her side as a skeptic.) What did you think of it?

Anyone else think it would be cool to practice cold reading, but is way too shy to talk to random strangers all the time? I would get such a kick out of saying generic things like, "You are usually calm and steady, but sometimes you let out all your emotions," and have people be like, "OMG YOU TOTALLY KNOW MY DEEPEST SELF."


@swiftsmith and @discombobulated - Yes. But she didn't say only things 100% of people could relate to. I dropped that tidbit in to be...relatable! She said 50 - 75 other things that were highly specific which I choose not to share. And I really don't need to defend the conversation. I just find the anti-other-ways-of-knowing vitriol on here kind of fascinating. I guess others haven't actually run into a legitimate one. But even so, why all the hating? Again, once every 4 or 5 years over the course of 20 years cannot be outside the range of average. I don't credit psychics with being able to know who shot JFK or whatever, but at specific phases of my specific life, the information has been helpful. Including the information I gained from the one that was full of crap, which was to pay attention who I paid money to for what. I could tell the difference. Does anyone here need to believe me about that? No. Do I? I know who I am.

My fascination with the vitriol may be because other ways of knowing run in my family. Is anyone in my family a street corner psychic? No. Do my grandmother and mother and sometimes I know things we're not 'supposed' to know? Yes. Does that look like this woman's interview? Not a bit. It's a very different experience. But it's not some cute family delusion either. It's relatively harmless, only touches on the lives of people we know and love, and comes infrequently, only when terribly important or imminent, and usually shows up as a feeling of discomfort that isn't coming from anything in our immediate lives. It's not about deaths or car wrecks or lottery wins, it's much more subtle than that. And it's equally not about controlling children's behavior or knowing when they brushed their teeth. Does anyone here need to believe me? No. I don't know or love anyone here and it doesn't affect your lives.

God knows, or Science knows, there is much more to the universe than our limited animal-based perceptions allow. So maybe my fascination with the finger pointing and elbow jabbing yuk yuks has some personal interest. But it's also intellectual fascination with the human response to things we don't understand, can't grasp with our limited explanations, and which therefore unsettle us. The comments on this story, whether The Hairpin meant it as some kind of joke story or not, is a case study in human response to what unsettles us. Including my comments. It's all fascinating.


@CaitlinRenee I love your comment, especially "there is much more to the universe than our limited animal-based perceptions allow." I think that is a difficult and scary thing for people to accept.
I'm also fascinated by the response to this story, especially in contrast to the generally positive responses the interviews with religious people have elicited. I mean, I find the Christian belief system to be completely bonkers, repressive, and close minded…while this woman's belief system seems fairly open minded, gentle and … well, she's created it herself, she's thought about everything and come up with her own explanations, which I find infinitely more admirable than accepting wholesale a system that was invented by nomadic sheep herders 2000+ years ago.


@CaitlinRenee Sorry, I was trying to reply to @noReally so she could tell me about Mary Roach. But since you're incorrectly ascribing emotional states to people, I do want to say this: not everyone who vocally disagrees with you is "unsettle[d]" by "other ways of knowing". I don't usually give in to my "someone is wrong on the internet!" impulses, but I like the Hairpin. I recommend it to my sisters and my friends; I tell them it's silly but smart. So I was pretty disappointed in the credulity of this interview, and I expressed that disappointment via sarcasm. That's why I'm here.

As for "there is much more to the universe than our limited animal-based perceptions allow": yes, this is very true, and that's why it's so cool that we have microscopes and X-rays and ultrasound and telescopes and infrared photography! They open up scales and frequencies and spectra that we can't see or hear by ourselves. I think all skeptics and sciencey types believe in what they see through microscopes or on X-rays.

Maybe you think something like this could someday happen with psychic phenomena? But nobody seems to be able to explain what kind of things psychic phenomena might be. Either people don't give an answer, or they resort to quantum hand-waving because nobody understands quantum physics anyway. Since the mind is involved in "psychic" perception, a good explanation must either be compatible with our current understanding of psychology, neurology, and biochemistry, or it should have enough evidence to overturn that understanding. I don't really see that happening, and I find the voluminous literature on cognitive bias a much more compelling explanation.


I don't want to speak for catlinrenee here, so I'll just speak for me. I am not a strict materialist. I believe there's something more to existence than what our senses and intellect can detect. I don't know what that is and I don't believe I'll ever know…but I like thinking about it and hearing what other people think about it. That doesn't mean that I don't believe in science or lack skepticism. It just means that I've got an open mind, curiosity and imagination.
You seem to be a strict materialist. That's fine. No need to get angry when people don't believe exactly what you believe.
Finally, personally, I didn't feel the interview was conducted with "credulity", but rather with the same sort of respect granted to the other interviews with religious/spiritual people. I mean, do you believe in the Christian god? Were you disappointed that the interview with the Christian wasn't more critical of her faith?


@mistersister Not sure I am a strict materialist, actually. Sometimes I seriously consider the Platonist view of numbers as non-material objects. The difference is that numbers don't causally interact with the world, whereas psychic perceptions show up in your brain and come out of your mouth. And a psychic's predictions are about things that we can detect empirically: people's actions and words and personalities. So evidence matters here. If psychic perception is a physical phenomenon, how does it fit in with the things we already know from science? If it's (all or partly) non-physical, is there an intelligible, let alone convincing, account of how non-physical phenomena interact with the physical world?

I don't believe in God, but since you already decided I was a "strict materialist", I'm not sure why you bothered to ask. Anyway, the interviews with religious people aren't like this, if you look. They're respectful, sure, but the Jesus Feminist interview (for instance) has questions like, "Has Christianity always been the driving force in your life?" and "Why do you think Christians struggle with the term 'feminist'?" This one leads with "When did you realize you were psychic?". I get that you need to have a friendly, respectful tone in order to get someone to talk about who they are and where they're coming from, but this is a bit much.

You say there's no need to get angry that people disagree with me; I'd say there's no need to assume those who disagree with you are angry. I enjoy refining arguments, talking to people, and deploying the odd bit of sarcasm in the process. I don't enjoy having strangers pass judgment on my emotional states, so please stop doing that.


@CaitlinRenee My apologies in assuming you were angry. Your message was strongly worded, which lead me to believe you were angry. But I did not decide you were a strict materialist, I said you seem to be, based on your what you wrote.


I want to believe it's possible to speak with animals. I've heard similar stories (2nd and 3rd hand), one was about a woman who asked ants to leave her home - and they listened! I so want it to be real because I'm dying to speak with my dog.

john s

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How can I contact her ?

Das Rad

@lizard Concentrate really hard on sending her your phone number telepathically and then she'll call you.


OK, while I believe the vast majority of psychics are charlatans, I actually knew a real, live psychic when I was in junior high school. I swear they do exist. She was another girl my age, and she could hold an object you wore a lot (like your glasses or a ring) and tell you all kinds of things about yourself that she otherwise could not possibly know. She said she felt "vibrations." I saw her mother's face turn white and crumple up when my friend Leesa told her about a doll in the attic of her mother's childhood home. "I must have told you about that," her mom said, but she hadn't (Leesa just smiled and shook her head and said , "Nope"). Leesa also held my glasses and described the boy I had a crush on and what he was standing behind (she didn't know the word for it, but she described the podium he was standing behind, because he was president of the student council and I always saw him at student council meetings).

We lost touch during our later teen years but she did tell me a fundamentalist church told her she was a witch and did an exorcism on her. I believe she was diagnosed with mental health issues later because she was on Social Security Disability at a very young age for something I couldn't otherwise identify. She had a kind of low IQ and didn't do very well in school, but she definitely had some psychic powers!

So I truly believe psychic powers to exist, although I believe most of the people out there selling them are charlatans and wanna-bes(and I'm not saying anything about the subject of the interview, because I am not familiar with her).


I do believe in this one because I personally experienced such thing. BTW, I really enjoyed your blog and I've bookmarked it to ensure that I will get an update on your blog post. 100 qt coolers

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