Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The Third Level Is Here

Anne Summer, a UK lingerie and sex toy retailer, has put gynecologists to work on a new expertly designed G-spot stimulator called the Ultimate G. Made from soft silicone, the main shaft of the vibrator (with multiple pleasure "bumps") targets the G-spot while the twin outer arms target the inner clitoris... Anne Summer's website assures us, the Ultimate G has been "designed by medical experts to take you to the third level of orgasm."

You're gonna wanna see what this looks like. (NSFW?) [Nerve]

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Sometimes I'm kind of envious of vaginas.


Man, whatever. All of this magical lady orgasm stuff is making me madder and madder recently. Multiples and squirting and 15 minute orgasms. STOP JUDGING ME! I like Nerve's reaction to it.


Guys, it's ANN SUMMERS. Not 'Anne Summer'. Named after the (male) founder's secretary.

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