Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The Third Level Is Here

Anne Summer, a UK lingerie and sex toy retailer, has put gynecologists to work on a new expertly designed G-spot stimulator called the Ultimate G. Made from soft silicone, the main shaft of the vibrator (with multiple pleasure "bumps") targets the G-spot while the twin outer arms target the inner clitoris... Anne Summer's website assures us, the Ultimate G has been "designed by medical experts to take you to the third level of orgasm."

You're gonna wanna see what this looks like. (NSFW?) [Nerve]

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Sometimes I'm kind of envious of vaginas.


Beautiful! that's all i can say :)@j


Man, whatever. All of this magical lady orgasm stuff is making me madder and madder recently. Multiples and squirting and 15 minute orgasms. STOP JUDGING ME! I like Nerve's reaction to it.


Guys, it's ANN SUMMERS. Not 'Anne Summer'. Named after the (male) founder's secretary.

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