Thursday, January 9, 2014


The Polar Vortex Pie


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Ann Friedman lives in Los Angeles but is extremely empathetic.

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YOU GUYS. I got an ELECTRIC VEST for Christmas. It has a rechargeable battery in the pocket. It is the most amazing thing I have ever encountered in my life! I've been wearing it to/at work ever since. Screw professionalism; I have a wearable electric blanket!


@bowtiesarecool Sometimes I forget that we live in the future.


@bowtiesarecool Right? I want to go back in time and tell Little Me about this, and also that in the future there will be magical devices that allow me to get more books instantly, wherever I am, and carry them all with me all of the time.

Living in the future is the best.


looooooove it <3 ❤️ @k


100% Experimental blood transfusion with polar bear as a child still paying dividends.


I just LOL'ed at the bean dip/dutch ovening.


Just tea all of the time--I can bundle up to keep myself warm but I can't wear gloves to type so my fingers are frozen.


Wow! This is exactly what I'm doing. It's funny how accurate this is. - Kris Krohn

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