Wednesday, January 22, 2014


On the 41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

This is a great day, and also sort of a painful one, because one is prompted to look at pictures like this and find stories like this and watch feeds of "pro-life" conventions (ha) and reread that lovely Resolution on Republican Pro-Life Strategy (Staying silent fails to alert voters to the Democrats' extreme pro-abortion stances, which voters are repelled by). Anyway! To the freedom to make your own choices. Here are some pertinent links.

• The last and only clinic providing abortions in Missouri

• Pro-choice support funds, sorted by state

• NYMag's abortion stories, collected from 26 women last year

• A shout-out to all those fake "crisis pregnancy centers" out there

• A 2010 repudiation of anti-abortion claims about pro-choice "genocide"

• A piece on the Hyde Amendment, which denies abortion coverage to women on Medicaid

• Notes about the futility of mandatory ultrasounds and the relative safety of abortion compared to birth

• A reminder that 98% of unsafe abortions take place in developing countries (and that in those countries, above 90% of abortions are unsafe) and that pretty much all of those women (47,000 per year) have been directly imperiled by United States foreign aid policy

• Two stories we published at the end of 2013 about the effects of Roe v. Wade in four regions of the world

• Last, Obama's statement of the day: "We recommit ourselves to the decision's guiding principle: that every woman should be able to make her own choices about her body and her health."

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Hi Jia, thank you for posting this. I spent part of this morning at my local Planned Parenthood as a volunteer escort (buffers between the patients and the yelling protesters) and it is just all so ridiculous it makes you want to laugh and/or cry. Abstractly I kind of knew before I started volunteering what the protesters' "arguments" were, but standing and listening to old men blare absurd, offensive nonsense at me, patients, passerby, and employees for hours at a time is still shocking to behold. Glad to see the roundup you've got here.


@toastercat Damn that is awesome that you spent Roe Day like that.

Eyre Apparent

@toastercat You are amazing. Thank you, thank you more than I can say.


omGg im in love@m

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