Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Mindy Kaling's College Comic Strip

Someone said recently that the existence of the internet is a good reason to never write for a college newspaper, because your overly earnest album reviews and breathless op-eds about campus recycling won't just disappear when you enter the Real World, but Mindy Kaling's "Badly Drawn Girl"—her comic strip from her Dartmouth days—has somehow, against all odds, aged well? They're all collected here. [Badly Drawn Girl]

Oh, and over here we have the latest strip from Hairpin contributor Sara Lautman, which will resonate if you ever drove around stoned in high school—which of course you didn't, but if you did, you definitely didn't inhale, it's fine. [Sara Lautman]

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All my college newspaper writing went down the memory hole when they redesigned the website the year after I left. Maybe I dodged a bullet, but I'd actually quite like to have some of those articles now.


absolutely loved this@j

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