Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Humans Strike Back, Create Peanut Butter and Jellyfish

Via National Geographic, news of staff at a Dallas aquarium who "wanted to see what would happen if they fed their young moon jellies a slurry of seawater and peanut butter."

“Peanuts in general have quite a bit of protein,” said Barrett Christie, aquarium supervisor. “[And] we have read quite a number of studies where peanut meal has been substituted as a marine protein in feed.”

For obvious reasons, I read the aquarium's published study brief, and really just want to salute the Children's Aquarium team for this bold, vital work.

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Among the best quotes: "That having been said, we would love to claim we conducted this trial with noble purpose, but the truth is that we just wanted to make peanut butter and jellyfish simply to see if it could be done. Whether or not it should be done is a question no doubt to be debated by philosophers for the ages (or at least by some aquarists over beers)."

Please, aquarists, invite me out for beers.


@adorable-eggplant Sadly, until this quote, I totally did not process the peanut butter and jellyfish hilarity of this entire idea. Don't mind me, just completely missing the point over here...

Although I was totally on board with feeding jellyfish random things just because.


Wow. Just wow.@l


Had to register finally to comment on this! 1. Daily reminder that I wish I were a scientist instead of a corporate attorney. 2. It's official: I'm in love with Jia.

This is a day-making article!! Thank you Hairpin for your unfailing awesomeness!


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