Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Have You Instagrammed the Weather Yet?

Get ON it. It's cold, seems like. Here is a 2004 Outside story about the science of freezing to death that you can use to fact-check against anyone who complains about the temperature today:

An hour passes. at one point, a stray thought says you should start being scared, but fear is a concept that floats somewhere beyond your immediate reach, like that numb hand lying naked in the snow. You've slid into the temperature range at which cold renders the enzymes in your brain less efficient. With every one-degree drop in body temperature below 95, your cerebral metabolic rate falls off by 3 to 5 percent. When your core temperature reaches 93, amnesia nibbles at your consciousness. You check your watch: 12:58. Maybe someone will come looking for you soon. Moments later, you check again. You can't keep the numbers in your head. You'll remember little of what happens next.

Oddly comforting? Maybe? [Outside]

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The link didn't work for me. But I found the article: http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/As-Freezing-Persons-Recollect-the-Snow--First-Chill--Then-Stupor--Then-the-Letting-Go.html

Totally riveting. Oddly comforting? I don't know. One of my fears about dying is that I'll never even realize I died. But maybe that would be for the best.


@LilyB Wow, thank you - that was super-riveting indeed.

Emma Carmichael

@LilyB Oh, thanks - fixed above.




On a freezing-to-death tip, this 'roguelike' computer game (javascript based, you play in your browser, no need to download) about surviving in an arctic wilderness is super excellent.


Cold IS emanating from the walls. I can feel places where my house isn't airtight so much more than I ever have before (like, the deadbold switchplate on the back door is just POURING cold air). It might be a great time to bundle my house up in places if I could stand to leave for supplies.

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